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To have a successful business, you must work at creating a success mindset.


You can be doing everything right, following the book to a tee but you may still be struggling to overcome certain barriers or challenges within your business or career.

This is all down to our subconscious programming and mindset.

As humans, we have two parts to our mind:


1)The Conscious Mind

This accounts for only 5% of our overall mind.  It is the part of your mind that you are fully aware of.

2)The Subconscious Mind

This is the dominant part, accounting for 95% of our mind.

The subconscious mind comprises thoughts, feelings and emotions that you may not be aware of.


Everything Is Energy and We All Emit a  Frequency


Everything is energy, and that includes your business.  Learning to fine-tune your energy to work for you, rather than against you, is a key factor in determining the kind of business success you achieve in life.

The Universal Law Of Attraction works by delivering you people, experiences and relationships in your life that are vibrationally matched to the energy you send out.

A person’s mindset and therefore, the personal energy that he or she emits out into the world, can either attract success or repel it.

To understand this a little better, you must appreciate that we are all vibrational beings.  At any given moment, you are emitting a vibrational frequency to the world.  The kind of frequency you give out will determine the experiences that you attract in life.

Whatever you hold within the subconscious mind hugely dictates what you put out in the world, the energetic signal that you send out, and therefore, the experiences you attract in your life.


Optimising The Energy You Are Emitting Is The Key To Success


The first step towards achieving success in any area of your life is to shift your energy and vibrational frequency by transforming your success mindset.

Here are 3 ways that you can shift your mindset to a success mindset:


  1. Stepping Away from Fear of Scarcity, Lack and Competition

Fear and lack mentality, pulls you down and lowers your vibration.  It magnifies negativity and pulls you back.

The world today is competitive, and this competition stems from the fear that there are not enough resources to go around.  This is not true.  We live in an abundant Universe, and there is plenty for everyone.

This group consciousness can adversely affect you and your business.  So, make a conscious effort to detach from this.

Instead of focusing on the “competition”, concentrate on what you are doing.  Be the best that you can be, and you won’t have time to check what is going on with your “competitors”.

For information on how to completely unplug from this group consciousness, click here to contact us. Learn how to eliminate this permanently and free yourself from fear of lack and competition.


  1. Releasing Fears of Success or Failure

Fear of success is actually far more common than the fear of failure.

The fear of success tends to be a subconscious programme, where the person is inadvertently self-sabotaging any chance of success because of the change that the success would bring.

For instance, if you attract more clients or customers, do you lose out on downtime?

Is there an underlying fear that you will get too busy and won’t be able to manage?

Or maybe that you would have to bring someone else in to help you and you don’t have the money for that?

All these things will sabotage any chance of success, as you will be energetically sending out a signal to block the clients from coming, or the business from growing and developing.

The fear of failing will stop you from trying at all!  This automatically blocks any new opportunities, and therefore, your success and development.

These fears usually stem from past experiences, from which energetic imprints have been made and limiting beliefs created.

ThetaHealing®, Emotional Release Therapy and Crystal Lay-Outs are all excellent ways to release and re-frame these subconscious beliefs quickly and effectively.


  1. Setting Intentions and Creating Goals

This is imperative if you want to shape the life of your business and where you want it to go.

If you don’t have goals and intentions for where you want to take your business, you will stagnate and worse still, regress.  There must always be forward planning.

Setting intentions enables you to grow, expand and develop your business success.

The key to setting your business goals and intentions are:

  • Determine what you truly desire. At this stage, just focus on what you want, rather than how you will achieve it.
  • Check in with why you want to achieve this goal. Why is it important to you?  The reason has to be inspiring to you to enable you to want to take any action required to achieve it.
  • Check in with how you truly feel about this goal.  Do you feel it is achievable or is there some uneasiness that comes with it?  Tune in to how you feel about the possibility of it becoming a reality.  Are there undesirable consequences of achieving it, like invoking other’s jealousy, taking you away from your family, etc.?

If something is coming up for you here, the chance are that there are some limiting beliefs that you hold on a deep level that need addressing.


Extra Support With Shifting Your Mindset


Check in with where you are at with your business success mindset.

Sometimes, you are too close to the situation to see clearly.  It is helpful to get an outside perspective to see what’s going on.

If you need some one-to-one help and support to identify and release any limitations that are blocking you from moving forward and creating the success in your business, then contact us by clicking here.

If you are ready for quick shifts in your success mindset to help you break through the glass-ceiling that is keeping you from achieving your highest potential, then check out our Business Blocks Breakthrough Programme.

This is an intensive programme, only suitable for you if you are serious, motivated, dedicated and ready to put in the effort to perform beyond what you think is possible.