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Raspreet Sagoo is a multi-award-winning Holistic Health Therapist, Spiritual Teacher, Transformational Soul Coach and Intuitive Relationship Healer.

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Are you ready to overcome your blocks and UP-LEVEL YOUR LIFE AND RELATIONSHIPS

Do you feel stuck, unhappy and unfulfilled with your life and relationships, knowing there is something bigger and better out there for you, and need the support, advice and guidance on how to GET UNSTUCK AND ACTUALISE YOUR HEART’S DREAMS AND DESIRES?


Perhaps you’re finding it challenging to have success in ALL areas of your life and are wondering how you can ACHIEVE THE RIGHT BALANCE AND HAVE SUCCESS IN ALL OTHER AREAS OF YOUR LIFE? 




Student Feedback From ThetaHealing® Courses With Raspreet 


Celebrity Make-up & Hair Artiste, Gini Bhogal, describes her journey with ThetaHealing®️ and how after taking the advanced course, she has managed improve her work, connect better with loved ones, tune into her intuition, block out other’s negativity and enhance her whole life.

Personal Trainer and Entrepreneur Ryan Hodges, Personal trainer and entrepreneur, Ryan Hodges, shares how 3 days of the Basic ThetaHealing® course transformed a negative mindset into a positive one and taught him how to manifest and create the life he really wants for himself. 

 Head of Key Stage 4 Science Teacher, Sonika Bansal, describes how taking the Basic ThetaHealing® helped her to unlock and trust her intuitive abilities, boosted her confidence & improved her relationships


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On a spiritual path since childhood, Raspreet has chosen to use her unique spiritual gifts to live her Soul’s purpose and passion, as a Medical IntuitiveAccess Consciousness® Practitioner, ThetaHealing® Practitioner and Instructor, Medium and Motivational Speaker.

Having trained as a Pharmacist, with many years’ experience in the medical field, Raspreet couples her knowledge and background in modern medicine with energy healing, to form a very unique therapy.

By empowering you to connect with your own innate divinity and power, Raspreet supports you in unlocking your true potential, transforming your life and relationships, and actualising all your heart’s desires to create the right balance in life for YOU, in every aspect of your life.

Raspreet expertly guides you to re-train your brain, empowering you to develop the right mindset to support you in creating the life, relationship, career, business and health of your dreams.

One of Raspreet’s passions lies in helping you to prepare yourself to have and maintain your dream soulmate relationship, whether you are looking for a partner or already in a relationship.

With the support, guidance and healing Raspreet provides, she helps you to overcome and resolve the pain and trauma from your past, and restores your ability to love yourself, accept yourself and boost your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth, and allows you to have the right relationship for YOU!


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Raspreet is passionate about helping you to transform your relationship with yourself and your body, to boost your ability to have, develop and grow a soulmate connection.

Raspreet can guide you to lay strong foundations upon which to build loving, joyful relationships that last and are supportive.

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Raspreet helps you to awaken your own spiritual gifts and abilities to enable you to harness the power of your own intuition and psychic abilities and unlock your full potential. 

Raspreet supports you to turn your passions into a purpose-driven, fulfilling and abundant life, allowing you to spiritually grow and evolve.

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Raspreet helps those of you that are struggling with short-term and long-term health issues.

She gives you additional support with your conventional medical therapy, to bring about relief from your health problems and transform your illness back to wellness so that you can lead a happy, energised and healthy life.