How I Got Here:


Graduated From University

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With a Master’s degree in Pharmacy under my belt, I dove into what ended up becoming a successful career as a Pharmacist, managing a department and a team.


Search for My Soulmate and
Having the Right Relationship for Me

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After a string of bad relationships, which got progressively worse, I was searching for my perfect partner and dream relationship.


Finally Met My Soulmate


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I met and married my soulmate and embarked on a rollercoaster journey of rapid growth and development, both as an individual and as a couple.

Together, we have created a life and relationship that works for us.


Bigger, Better Things – The Game Changer

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 I had my daughter and was really unhappy with my work-life balance. I was incredibly bored in my job and know there must be more to life than this!

I wanted it all with no compromise… living the dream, with a successful career and still have plenty of quality time to spend having fun and enjoying life with my family!

2015 - 2016

My Journey to Creating my Dreams Into Reality Began


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I took a massive leap of faith, left my well-paid job as a Pharmacist and made the jump from employed to self-employed.

After training as a baby swimming instructor, I opened my own baby swimming franchise.

I ran into all sorts of challenges with the baby swimming business. Delays, not moving forward, haemorrhaging money and panicking that I had made the biggest mistake of my life.

Then, I stumbled upon ThetaHealing® and started having sessions and taking the classes for my own personal development.

I cleared the blocks that held me back from creating the life, business and finances I really desired. My life, business, relationships and health rapidly started to improve.

Another happy side-effect of the sessions and training was re-discovering my innate gifts.

I always knew I had but these gifts, and I had kept hidden from myself and others from my childhood for so long, that I forgot about them!


Came out of my spiritual closet

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 Even though I had always been able to read energy, connect with others energetically and receive messages from people that had transitioned, I never openly spoke about it. I came from a culture where it was dangerous, even wrong, so I kept it hidden away.

I finally plucked the courage to tell my friends and family about my intuitive abilities and started to work with them on their blocks and challenges and they experienced RAPID results.

I delivered messages and healing to people that totally transformed their lives, health, relationships and uplifted them.

I decided it was time to start my own business and share my natural gifts in healing, coaching and empowering myself and others with the world.

2016 - 2020

Expanding the Magic and Possibilities in My Life and In Others’ Lives

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 I trained as a ThetaHealing® instructor, after having taken all of the practitioner courses and started to empower others by teaching them the tools to support them in creating and living THEIR dreams.

I discovered the world of Access Consciousness® and got more magical tools in my toolkit to use in creating the life and relationships I desired.

I embarked on my journey with Human Design and expanded my toolkit even further, learning strategies to align to YOUR unique energy flows.

This stuff really works! I realised it was a case of applying the tools, not just learning about them and hoping for the best.

I started to apply all the tools I had learned over my life and the life that I had always thought would be a dream started to become my reality.


The MAGICAL piece that helps you get into YOUR flow and find your unique method of manifestation that actually WORKS and creates the most ease and joy for you!

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I don’t know about you, but I am DONE with surface-level transformation that creates a little momentum but doesn’t last.

I am not interested in just “getting by” or temporary shifts. I love to help my clients to become aware of that missing piece, which when resolved, creates deep and sustainable transformation and lasting results.

I KNOW from my own personal experiences and all the training I have done over the years, that one of my SUPERPOWERS is the ability to see exactly what is in or out of alignment for people and the way that they are uniquely wired to create.

One of my gifts is to see what needs to change for you to be in FLOW and use your energy correctly by tapping into, following and trusting your own intuition.

The most common feedback I receive from clients is my ability to balance the energetic shifts with the practical, day-to-day tools to translate the mindset and energetic shifts into practical motion, so it can show up as your desires actually showing up!

I facilitate others to exercise their right to choose and acknowledge THEIR own desires.

I help people to go beyond just the mindset.

I support them to create the correct energy and habits that are aligned to THEIR unique way of creating to help foster the drive and motivation required to REALLY change the things they would like to change, so their desires can actually SHOW UP!