“Whatever is happening to you today is simply the result of where you placed your energy and focus yesterday” – Raspreet Sagoo

Imagine waking up every morning to a life that you simply LOVE, having perfect health, a successful career, financial freedom and loving, joyful relationships with your loved ones.

Would you like some help and support in achieving all of this and more in YOUR life?

There are times in life where we all need a little help, direction, guidance and the need to feel safe and supported through your journey.

Raspreet recognises that everyone is unique and has different needs and wants.  She understands the different paradigms, backgrounds and cultures that may have shaped your perception of things.

Each individual has a unique way of healing and resonates with different approaches.

That is why all the services the Raspreet offers are  completely bespoke and tailored to the individual client’s needs.

Raspreet offers a wide range of different services to suit individual needs, to suit a wide variety of needs for her clients.

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Raspreet is a multi-award winning Holistic Health Therapist, Intuitive Relationship Healer, Soul Coach and Spiritual Teacher. 

Working with Raspreet Sagoo has never been easier, whether you want to work exclusively with her in a 121 setting, group study,  or even in person at an event.

Raspreet is a trained Pharmacist, ThetaHealing® Practitioner and Instructor and Access Consciousness®  Bars Practitioner.

She combines a unique blend of her training to deliver a completely bespoke service, blending her medical background and energy healing.

To begin your journey of working with Raspreet, simply select your preferred option below  to find out more and schedule in an appointment with her.

Services Offered

ThetaHealing® Sessions & Packages
Access Consciousness® Sessions
VIP Packages & Programmes
Emotional Release Therapy
Meet Your Angels/Spirit Guides
Past-life Regression with Crystal lay-outs
Classes, Events & Workshops
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