Clarity Session


Clarity Session – £97

Ready to create a life beyond your problems?

This 45-minute online session is designed to look at what your current challenge is and explore what is going on that is keeping you stuck.

You will gain deeper clarity and lift the confusion, so you know exactly what to do next with creating the results and having the change that you are asking for.

You’ll learn how you can be on your way to more harmony by aligning to the way you are wired to create in a way that naturally brings you more ease, joy, flow and success.

This is ideal if you’d like a powerful experience of what it’s like to receive empowering support that allows you to tap into your own intuition so that you can make a decision that is in alignment with how YOU create.

If you choose to work with me further in private sessions or on my group programmes, the investment you made for this session will be credited towards that.

If you choose not to work further with me, that’s totally cool – you’ll receive some laser coaching and facilitation either way!

Can be used for:

Developing intuitive abilities, spiritual growth and development, increasing self-confidence, self-belief, improving relationships, soulmates, finances, health and career and anything else that you would like to create in your life.

*please note – these sessions are not in-depth facilitation and energetic clearing as with the Create Sessions or Private Coaching; they are designed for quick laser coaching and supporting you to find your next steps to create beyond your challenges