The VIP Business Blocks Breakthrough Programme is a bespoke service designed for serious and motivated women, who want to up-level their business through profound change, guidance and creating a wealth of new opportunities.


Are you from a corporate or professional background but are ready to work for yourself, gain autonomy and live life on YOUR terms?


I offer support, soul coaching and mindset work to help you break through the glass-ceiling that is keeping you from achieving your highest potential.

Do you want to run a successful and profitable business, doing something that you love and gives you a sense of purpose?


The mindset work covered in the programme releases your blocks and limitations to help you move forward fearlessly in your journey with the focus, confidence and passion.


How would you like to have the option to wake up and have the flexibility to be able to book a nice holiday whenever you like? 


Without needing to worry about seeking others’ permission to take time out, or taking time out from your business and losing money?


Are you ready to transform your business, learn how you can take it to the next level and create the best work-life balance for you?


If you are feeling frustrated, overworked with not a lot to show for it, overwhelmed, struggling, stuck or confused, then this could be the perfect solution for you.

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Creating The Ideal Work-Life Balance


I went from struggling with getting pools and customers to having the pick of the pools and my customer lists growing with each day.

I was able to spend more and more quality time with my family, doing things that we enjoyed together.

I loved having the freedom to create my own lifestyle, but I wanted more freedom than a franchise offered.  So I sold the franchise and decided start my own business.  I founded Divine Sacred Soul, which was a totally different type of business.

The skills, experience, coaching and mentoring that I gained from my franchise equipped me with transferable skills.   I was able to establish a very successful and thriving business with ease and grace in a very short space of time.

I invested in more coaching and mentoring sessions, and within just 4 months of starting up my business, I had created my first event, which was a complete success and a sell-out.

Through my own coaching, mentoring and working on my blocks using ThetaHealing®, I have established a good client base, doubled my income and created the perfect work-life balance for me, doing something that I love doing.

If you want to lead a purpose-driven business, making soulful connections to magnetise your ideal clients, whilst being supported and guided throughout the process to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true and create the best work-life balance for you, then why not join us for a VIP day?

Our VIP days are intensive programmes designed to unleash your own unique inner power to overcome your challenges and accelerate your road to creating a successful, profitable business with ease and grace.



VIP days are one day intensive programmes, with no textbook stuff, just serious tried and tested tools and techniques, with a very personal and exclusive level of individual attention, suited to your current needs.

I work together, with the client, to focus on creating a comprehensive plan of action for you to work on to get results.

The day focuses on shifting your limiting subconscious beliefs, behaviours and mindset that prevent and sabotage you from getting the results and success you desire.


During the day, I will also be sharing some life-changing tools such as:

– meditation

– energy work

– visualisation

– manifesting tools to assist you on your journey


You will be guided and taken through exercises and techniques that will allow you to:

– discover how to apply the Law of Attraction into your business to magnetise your ideal clients easily

– develop your success mindset

– raise your vibration to gain confidence, clarity and poise to grow your business

– learn to be visible to the right people, be at the right places and at the right time

– manifest amazing opportunities and possibilities for you and your business

– clear money blocks that are limiting your earning potential

– create content for social media marketing and your website with intention and focus

– eliminate your fears and any procrastination that prevents you from having a successful, profitable business

You will walk away from this day with whole host of tools and techniques that will help you for many years to come.


I appreciate that not everyone is ready for such a big shift and in such a short space of time.

But if you are ready to embrace change, have the focus, drive and determination to make some serious progress, invest in yourself and receive all the support that you need, then click here to apply and get more details.

I will set up a time for us to connect and explore to make sure this is right for you and then we will schedule suitable dates to get started.


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This programme is for you if you:


– Want to create a better lifestyle for yourself with a good work-life balance, so that you can have the financial freedom to do whatever you like

– Want to wake up every morning, loving what you are doing for a living, feeling happy, more fulfilled, like you are making a difference in the world and earning good money while achieving all this

– Are a driven, heart-centred woman, with an amazing gift or passion which you can offer to enrich the lives of others

– Are ready to bring in the magic to turn your ideas/hopes/dreams/goals into a reality and create a profitable business

– Are looking for freedom, flexibility and work-life balance

– Are ready to embrace change and step out of your comfort zone

– Have already launched a business in which you do something that you love, enjoy and are naturally gifted at, but often feel overwhelmed in the beginning stages of turning this into a successful business

– Are driven, motivated and ready to take the action required to move forward and create your dream business

– Like the idea of having the accountability to get your work done and want the guidance and a step-by-step guide catered to your individual needs

– Would love to create a good work-life balance, where you can enjoy the best of both worlds and be a successful business woman and still have plenty of quality time to spend with your family and friends and actually enjoy your life

– Are lacking direction and the support and encouragement from others to help and motivate you

– Are ready to be empowered and unleash your inner strength to overcome your challenges and turn them into victories

– Are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true

– Scared you are going to fail, but even more scared of the regret of not giving it your best shot!


If this sounds like you, then contact us by clicking here to learn more and apply.


I am fully committed to your success and am on hand to provide you the support, motivation and inspiration that you need right now.


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About Me

I have gone through the transition of being a full-time employee, to franchisee and now the founder of my own holistic healing business.

I have overcome the obstacles, challenges and limiting beliefs in each of these fields which has enabled me to run and manage a thriving, successful business.

It wasn’t always this easy.

I was stuck in a profession in the corporate world, employed as a full-time Pharmacist.

Unhappy and unfulfilled, all I really wanted was to be appreciated, doing something I loved and that made a difference in the world.

I wanted to create the right work-life balance, so that I could spend quality time with my family and have a successful career.

The jump to being self-employed was way beyond my comfort zone.  But it felt exciting. 

Having the opportunity to work for myself, decide what my working hours would be, manage my business the way that I wanted, set my own goals and do something that I loved doing was so appealing.

I plucked up the courage and made the jump.


“Self-investment is the only form of investment that will guarantee you a return on investment!” – Ras Sagoo.


It was a struggle at first.  I was overwhelmed with the amount of work I had to do. 

It was a challenge to budget at the beginning when there was very little income and a lot more going out. I was in over my depth, not really knowing what I was doing.

I invested in the right training and support to help me, in the form of ThetaHealing® sessions and courses, as well as some coaching sessions.

It was the best investment I ever made!  My life and business transformed.

The ThetaHealing® was releasing the blocks I had in creating a successful business. 

The coaching and mentoring was helping me to shape up my business, with practical strategies, tools and techniques that I could implement within the business.

I gained clarity, focus and self-confidence.

But I was still struggling to get the work-life balance I wanted. 

I wanted the freedom and autonomy that would enable me to have a successful, profitable and fulfilling career AND to be able to spend quality time having fun with my family.

As I cleared more of my deeper, genetic blocks that prevented me from having all I desired,through ThetaHealing®, my life shifted RAPIDLY.

I decided to launch my own healing business, as I realised I had a gift that I loved sharing with others.

Within a few months, I founded Divine Sacred Soul, my very own business, which I had full control over.  I made all the decisions and had full autonomy.

I now have a multi-award-winning business, MY ideal work-life balance and a beautiful soulmate relationship with my husband, which enables me to go from strength-to-strength in my life and business.

I have a wealth of experience, both personally, and through the MANY clients that I see and help daily.

You needn’t go through all the challenges and struggles that I did to get to where I am. .


I have the short-cuts and experience to help you fast-track onto the road of success!


If you’re ready to fast-track your and actualise your dreams, goals and aspirations RAPIDLY, get in touch!

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