Past Life Regression with Crystal Layouts (In-person Only)



Journeying through the use of a crystal lay-out is a powerful but gentle way to experience a past life regression without the drama.

This therapy is unique because it enables the client themselves to see, sense, or know their own past life experiences, rather than relying on the practitioner to relay what they see.

Experiencing your own past lives can facilitate healing and big shifts in your current life.

As you start to unravel the mystery and understand things about yourself on a soul level, healing your current life becomes easier.


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What Happens In A Session?

The client is asked to lay down on their back, while the practitioner intuitively places crystals on and around the client.

Using the crystal grid, the practitioner is able to create a safe space for the client.

The client is taken into a meditative state to access only the positive experiences and learnings from previous lifetimes.

 Experiences from past lifetimes which may be affecting clients in this lifetime can be identified and resolved.

The client is then guided to bring forward the lessons from the past into the present.

This can help to heal and resolve any dramas, fears and concerns that may crop up in this lifetime.


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What Can Past Life Regression Help With?

This powerful therapy is great for:

– bringing back the knowledge, skills and gifts from past lives into this lifetime to help you now

– breaking through patterns of fears or phobias

– discovering past life experiences with people in this life

– bringing through the understanding of the patterns of behaviours with others in this lifetime

– gaining more clarity on your relationships and learnings from people in your life

– bringing through any gifts and talents from previous lives into this one

– understanding any fears or love you may have towards a certain country, people or culture

– receiving spiritual guidance for your own spiritual growth and development

– learning and understanding how to be the best version of you as you bring forward the positive learnings from lifetimes of health, wealth, prosperity, love, success, abundance, creativity and many more!

The insights gained from this can help you to see things with more clarity.  You will leave with a better understanding of your current life, which will help you to move forward successfully in this life.


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