Everyone sets intentions and goals, but what is the real secret to setting the RIGHT intentions and goals so that they actually work for you and you achieve them?

It’s that time of year where everyone is making their New Year’s Resolutions and setting their intentions for the upcoming year.

I personally never was a fan of making New Year’s Resolutions, for the pure fact that I knew that you ended up meaning to do all these amazing things, and achieving loads…and by the end of the year, when it hadn’t happened quite as you’d intended, you felt rubbish!

In light of this, I decided that the only New Year’s Resolution that I would be making was not to make any.  That way, you fulfil the only one that you make, and there’s no disappointment, guilt and beating yourself up for not having achieved all that you said you would.

I thought it was pretty smart.  But actually, it was quite a limiting way to think.

How many of you have decided that New Year’s resolutions is just a fad and not worth making?  How many of you get fed up and triggered every time you read it, or your friends and family ask?

The truth is, without setting intentions and having goals to work towards, you remain stuck and stagnate where you are.  It is looking ahead at where you would LIKE to be, that allows to take the appropriate action to be able to achieve it, and therefore, move forward in life.

On the flip side, if you are setting intentions that feel overwhelming and unachievable, then you are setting yourself up for a fail from the off.

The trick is to meet the halfway point.  That’s not to say that the big things cannot be achieved…it’s simply saying to break things down into bite-sized chunks so that it avoids the overwhelm.

Setting smart goals and intentions is integral is making intention setting successful.



So, what IS the secret to setting the right intentions and goals so that they work for you, and how do you ensure that you go on to achieve them?


1) Gaining Clarity and Creating the RIGHT Goals

It is surprising how many people that I work with in my practice don’t really know what they want when I ask them.

You need to create your goals, but if you don’t really know what you want, then you can’t do this. 

Often, this is down to the fact that people have been trying to meet others’ needs for so long, that they’ve simply forgotten about themselves in the process.

Another thing I see very often in my client sessions that contribute to this, is subconscious programming which causes avoidance and procrastination. 

In my sessions, we work towards gaining clarity, getting clear on your own identity and release all the fog that clouds your deepest dreams and desires. 

When you have this clarity in place, then things start to move forward at an astonishing rate!


2) Accountability

Having accountability really boost the chances of success for achieving your goals. 

So, join a group of people with the same intentions, to hold each other accountable.  Work with a coach, sign up for group programmes, anything that enables you to have to answer to someone.

Working with a professional, who is an expert in supporting you to achieve your goals, can cut down the time it takes to accomplish and achieve what you want. 

The experts have specialist training, they have the right tools, techniques and extensive experience with supporting you to achieve your goals, so you can get right down to taking the RIGHT actions to achieve your goals in a much shorter space of time.

I often work with clients in my VIP Programmes and Group Programmes to set tasks, give advice, create action plans and do the mindset work, so it all ties in together to help achieve things faster and more successfully.


3) Mastering Your Mindset

Having the right energy and mindset is paramount in achieving your goals, particularly the bigger goals.

You can follow the book to a tee, have all the right training, coaches and guidance, but if your mindset doesn’t support you in achieving the success you desire, then it will never happen.

When you have the correct, empowered mindset and follow through with inspired action, then the magic really happens.


So, how does it all work?


Your mindset is largely determined by your subconscious thoughts and beliefs. 

Because around 95% of your mind is made up of your subconscious programming, and only 5% is your conscious programming, the subconscious beliefs and thoughts will always over-rule the conscious ones.

Let’s say, for example, on a conscious level, you want to drop some weight and have a healthier lifestyle

If you have programmes running in your subconscious mind around needing extra protection and associating eating with love, then no matter what you do to try to drop that weight, it will be an uphill struggle. 

Either you will keep sabotaging yourself, because your subconscious thinks it needs to protect you by keeping the excess weight. 

Alternatively, if you do manage to drop the weight, you will re-create the pattern at a later stage and end up putting it back on again.

Another example of this is if you want to find love, find it difficult to feel deep love, or are unable to attract people that give you the deep connection that you long for.  Chances are, there will be limiting subconscious beliefs that prevent you from having this.

Similarly, people that feel blocked in their finances or success usually are because of the subconscious associating money with pain more than with pleasure. 


The truth is, mindset is so powerful when it comes to following through on the conscious intentions and goals that you set for yourself.


This is a really powerful piece of the puzzle in allowing you intentions to materialise into physical reality.

If there is more pain and suffering associated with having all that you want, be it money, love, great health, a better lifestyle, a successful career or business, your subconscious mind kicks in, to protect you from the pain it’s associated with having your desire.

The more pain or suffering associated with having the thing that you desire, the more likely you will create patterns of self-sabotage and diminish your chances of achieving your goals.


Imagine the possibilities for your life if you could master your own mindset…what would you create?

Are you ready to create the BEST year for yourself, do the right mindset work and shift your energy to support you in creating the kind of life, health, business and relationships that you have always dreamt of?

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