What is the secret to making meditation easy and building up a daily practice?



Imagine knowing the secret to being zen, creating calmness and stillness in your life and making meditation easy, so that it becomes a daily, joyful practice.


A daily meditation practice can really boost your overall well-being, health, decision-making abilities and productivity in life.

However, meditation can be quite overwhelming and difficult for people in today’s world, simply because we live in a plugged-in society.

We are always on the go and multi-tasking most of the day. Unplugging from this and silencing the mind can be quite a challenge.


How Can a Daily Meditation Practice Help in Everyday Life?


Getting into a deep, meditative state and silencing your mind helps you to:

• Become calmer and more peaceful

• Gain clarity to make better decisions with better outcomes

• Tap into your inner guidance to access the all-knowing part of you, enabling you to find answers to all your questions

• Boost your state of health and well-being, on an emotional, physical AND spiritual level

• Find creative solutions to any problems, challenges or blocks you are facing in your life

The benefits of a regular meditation practice are countless.


The Secrets to Making Meditation Easy


1) Distract the Conscious Mind

The conscious mind is what needs to switch off to allow you to get into a deep, meditative state.

When you give your conscious mind something to do, it is much easier to maintain a higher level of consciousness and experience a deeper, meditative state, for longer.

A great way to do this is to listen to guided meditations.

I have many guided meditations on YouTube, as well as videos on making meditation simple.

In my ThetaHealing® sessions, I take clients into a Theta brainwave to help them access their subconscious fears and blocks.

The guided meditation to access this state is very effective, and even people that have never meditated have reported that it was so easy for them and that they immediately feel calmer and happier.

As a ThetaHealing® Instructor, I teach students how to get into this deep Theta brainwave themselves, which has been proven to be the natural state that the brain goes into for problem-solving, finding solutions and supporting the body to physically heal.


2) Make It Part of Your Daily Routine

Just as you shower daily and brush your teeth, make meditation a daily practice.

Set aside some time in the day when you are not distracted and set the intention to meditate during that time.

It may be time in the shower, before you sleep, in the morning as you wake up, before getting out of bed.Choose a time that works for you and will be EASY to carve our 10 minutes just to be still.


3) Buddy Up with Someone

Find someone, or a group of you the keep each other accountable.You don’t have to meditate together, just commit to check in and share your experiences on a daily or weekly basis.

This helps to keep you motivated to carry on, and soon, it will become a regular practice which you can’t live without!



Need Some Help With Meditation?


I’ve had many clients that struggle to meditate, but with the techniques that I use, they’ve all found it really easy.

I have lots of guided meditations on YouTube, as well as videos on making meditation simple.

I also teach ThetaHealing® classes, which help you to learn an amazing and powerful technique that is so easy, can be done for anyone, even those without ANY experience in mindfulness or meditation.

The tools and techniques in these classes help you to empower yourself to lead a life filled with more harmony, happiness, better health, well-being, improved finances, better relationships and more success and abundance across all areas in your life.


If you are ready to take yourself into a deeper level of meditation, open up your intuition to make better decisions with better outcomes in your life, start your journey with ThetaHealing® by enrolling onto a Basic ThetaHealing® course or booking a session to work exclusively with me! 



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