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“Abundance is not something we acquire…it is something we tune into” – Wayne Dyer.


Your relationship with money can have a serious impact on your financial abundance.  What is your relationship with money like?  Are you one of those people that find you have to work really hard and still never quite make enough?  Or does the money flow easily to you, but you have a hard time accumulating enough of it to actually do anything that you really want?

How good are you with managing your money?  Do you have to work for the money or do you make your money work for you?

You may be doing all the right things, following the book to the tee, investing your money in the right places. You may be working hard to earn your money and saving, but still find that you just can’t seem to get past that keeping your head above the water phase!

The reason behind this is your money mindset. If you have a negative money mindset, no matter what you do, how much energy you put into it, you will find that you always have issues with money.


How Your Money Mindset Influences Your Finances

Your mindset is very much determined by the experiences that you have gone through or witnessed in your life.  These determine what subconscious beliefs you create.  Some of these beliefs are positive and will help to grow your financial abundance, but others are very much negative and will block the flow of financial abundance.

So, how do you get past this, change your money mindset and improve your relationship with money to enable it to flow to you with ease and grace?

The key point to note here is that money isn’t the actual problem.  This is truly a case of the issue not being the actual issue…there is something than runs far deeper than the money issue.

You see, money is simply just an energy, and this energy can be blocked by several things.  Here are some ways to start improving your relationship with money and increase your financial abundance:


  1.  Improve Your Relationships with Other People

Energetically speaking, money and love have the same vibration.  If you want to attract more money into your life, you need to delve deeper into yourself and see what is blocking you in magnetising more love in your life.

For tips on how to improve your relationships and attract more love and harmony into your life, click here.

When you start to attract more love into your life, you automatically raise your vibration and in doing so, attract more money into your life.

This money may not come in the form of bank notes, but often will come in a form of opportunities, where you can make money through things you love to do.

So be open and receptive to new ideas that pop into your head, or people that you may meet to engage in a joint venture from which there is money to be made.

The Universe is creative like that – it will deliver your financial abundance in weird and wonderful ways, and you have to be able to recognise these magical and creative ways to make more money.


2.  Responsible Spending

Whilst it is absolutely fine to treat yourself on occasion, keep a track of your money so that you are spending wisely.  In this day and age of contactless cards and instant purchasing, it is very easy to lose track of your spending.

So be savvy and check in on how much you are spending at least on a weekly basis (the more often, the better!), so that you can be consciously aware of what is moving in and out of your account.

Tracking your spending can also help immensely with budgeting.  It is much easier to see where you can cut down your spending and save more when you are checking your bank account regularly.  Be smart with the money you do have!


3. The Attitude of Gratitude

To accelerate the path of financial abundance, a key thing is to be grateful for the money that you already have…however much or little this may be.

Avoid beating yourself up about the bills that you couldn’t quite pay fully.

Instead, be grateful and pat yourself on the back for the amount that you did pay.  The more you focus on the positives, the less time you spend wasting your energy on the negatives, and the law of attraction kicks in and responds by giving you more of the positive, which in this case, is the money to pay off those bills!  Result!


4.  Goal Setting

If you don’t know what you will do with the money, it is more difficult to maintain a frequency to help manifest that money to you.

So always set goals or targets with what you want.  And to maintain that high frequency, really feel into how you would feel if you got the money that you always dreamt of.  What would you do with it, who would you do it with, how would it feel to have that financial freedom?


5.  The Way You Feel about Money

This may be influenced by a number of factors, like religion, culture, the country you were raised in, your family’s beliefs around money, just to name a few.

A great exercise to try is to take some money (preferably a note and not coins) and just look at it for a while.  Ask out loud, “How/what do I feel about you?” and just see what comes up.

Go with the first thought that comes up in your mind.  This can give you a good indication of what you innately feel towards money.

If you notice negative statements coming up, then make a conscious effort to correct these.

Your subconscious beliefs around money may also be a big determining factor around how much (or little) money you will allow into your life, how hard you have to work to earn money, whether you can allow the financial abundance to flow easily to you or whether you will unknowingly set up barriers and manifest ways to spend or get rid of any money that you do gain.

If your subconscious mind does not feel “safe” in having money, it will create ways to get rid of it. This could be in the form of a loss of money in your business, unexpected bills or fines, having to loan money to friends or family that are in need, theft…the list is endless.

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How Can I Help?


There are many ways that I can help work with you to release your money blocks.

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