If you’re reading this, it’s highly likely that you have some awareness that there is something more to life than what you currently have.

Maybe you have even tried to change things in your life already.

It’s also highly likely that you have heard of the terms “manifesting” and “creating your own reality” and you would LOVE to know of a way of manifesting your heart’s desires in a way that actually WORKS for you!

Yet, the way manifesting is taught in the mainstream overlooks what I believe to be the most crucial aspect.

That is to find a way to balance the inner work with taking actual physical, aligned action, so you can translate the energy into motion AND create in a way that comes naturally to you (and therefore WORKS)!

Moreover, it has to be FUN, otherwise it becomes more about the process and less about the joy of creating, and then most people tend to get bogged down with the logistics.

And if you aren’t even WIRED to create in that way, can you see how easily you can get demotivated if you hit a little bump along the way?

When you are trying to manifest in a way that is more about the process and less about the joy of creating, you become so attached to having the results.  

This means that you strip the process of the organic, flow and magic that you are truly capable of creating.

And that in turn, may affect your energy and also force you into compromising or “settling” for things that actually don’t light you up.


So, what exactly do you need to be aware of as you are creating
change in your life?


Here’s 3 simple things to ask yourself, so you can become consciously aware where your focus requires a pivot

1) Are you focusing on the absence of the thing that you desire or the presence of the thing that you desire? 

What plays out for you when you’re always focusing on the absence or lack of something that you desire, is more of the absence or lack of that thing in your life.

Whether it is in relationships, money, career, business, soulmates, and in today’s world, the absence or the presence of coronavirus, just notice and become aware of…

Where are your thoughts focused on this? 

Where do you find yourself leaning into words? 

Are you leaning towards the fear?

Are you more tuned into the lack of not having your desires? 

So, for example, in the case of the current coronavirus outbreak….

… are you focused on the LACK of health and well-being, or are you focused on being healthy and being able to live your day-to-day life in perfect health and harmony? 

I know it may seem counter-intuitive, but if you’re focused on the lack of the health that this virus can potentially create in your life, then that is what you will attract more of in your life. 

And this is true of anything in your life, so you can apply it to ANY aspect of life.

Whether it’s health, relationships, money, love, or anything else that you desire to have or to experience in your life right now. 

So, I invite you to think about what exactly your mind focuses more on. 

2) What is your focus usually on?

Is it the presence of something that you desire?

I.e. getting into the vibration of having it, as if it was there right now…

… versus the absence of that thing that you desire 

I.e. going into the fear, the worst case scenario is, and stressing about things that might not even have happened yet.

If you are doing the latter, that is when you tend to create your life through default. 

When you create your life through default, you are more likely to create more of what you actually DON’T desire as opposed, to what you DO desire. 

That is simply because your active vibration is being influenced heavily by your subconscious mind. 

So, when you want to create your desired future, it is important to manage that energy and the vibrations that you are sending out. 

Therefore, it is important to keep focused on the outcome you actually desire – that is, the outcome of the presence of your true desire, rather than the absence or the lack of it. 

3)What are you consciously creating?

It is important to work consciously on the active vibration and the active energetic vibration that you are broadcasting into the world. 

What’s essential to note here is that positive thinking alone will not be sufficient to change your vibration.

Changing your vibration entails also changing your feelings, behaviours and actions so that they are aligned to the experience you would like to create or the change you’d like to have.

So many times, I see people trying to change their thoughts or think positively, even create intricate and beautiful vision boards and set their intentions by way of wishlists and manifesting lists… and still, nothing changes.

I have done it myself in the past, so there really is no judgement here!

The thing is, the Universe is always responding to you.

It responds to your energy.

Not what you say, not what you think, not what you think your needs are, and not even what you have listed on your wishlist on your vision board!

It is your personal energetic vibration that is being responded to by the Universe in every moment.

And that comprises your thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, behaviours and actions!

Remember, changing something you aren’t happy with in your life doesn’t HAVE to be laborious, hard work or take a long time… not unless that’s what you choose!

Joyful creation is about creating reliable systems and protocols designed by YOU, for YOU that you build after connecting deeply with your unique way of creating.

That is a sure-fire way to more rapid manifestation that gifts you more flow, magic and ease AS you are manifesting your desires, so you no longer have to wait for that desire to drop in to have the fulfilment and deep satisfaction of living a life that truly lights you up, because you will already achieve that on your journey!

And when you’re creating from THAT space, then your energy is already aligned, you’re more likely to naturally be led to aligned action steps and your desire really has no choice BUT to show up.


Would you like to transform manifesting from being just a “process” that is a means to getting you what you desire, into an activity that in itself brings you joy and possibilities?

If yes, then I will be teaching you exactly how to do this on my Catalyse programme.

If you’re curious about this and how it all fits in with your personal desires and goals, let’s a chat on a Clarity Call, where I can answer your questions and give you the clarity to make an empowered decision to see if it’s the right fit for you.


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