You know that frustration of feeling stuck
and unable to move forward?


Sometimes you just don’t know why you are stuck or what to do…

But you wonder if there’s another possibility?


Other times, you know why you’re so stuck but don’t know how to change it.

So, you chase after the next thing to help you “fix” your problem and end up tired, burnt out, and regressing rather than progressing!


Maybe you’ve even had those times when you have tried everything and tell yourself that it’s just never going to happen for you.

So you admit defeat and reside yourself to accepting you will never have your dreams, and just settle for where you are.


What if creating your desires could come with more clarity, ease and even some joy and fun along the way?


Can I help you to get clear on HOW to create your dreams into physical reality?


You are invited into Catalyse, where you will learn how energy, mindset AND action come together in harmony, so you ACHIEVE your dreams, rather than just dreaming about them.


Catalyse is a 9-month programme to support you with getting such a deep level of clarity, that you can finally create in a way that actually works for YOU.

This programme is designed to assist you to direct the energy into daily action, so that you can create the new habits that will enable your desires to show up with ease.


Who is Catalyse For?

Are you really good at dreaming BIG… but not so great at actually applying and implementing the physical action that is required to make your dreams a reality? 

If you are reading this, then most likely, you know there is something bigger and better in life to than what you currently have, and you probably desire the change FAST!

Catalyse is designed for people like you, who would like to create results FAST and move from dreaming about the life they’d love to LIVING it!


What if you could change anything and have everything…

… without compromise?

… without someone else dictating what you SHOULD do?

… with so much more EASE, CLARITY and JOY?


What You Receive:

Exclusive Members Rates For Private Sessions & Live Events

To support the work we do and clear the resistance that comes up for you, so you receive all the support you require to navigate through your transformation with more ease

1 Monthly Group Energy Clearing Loop Recording (Value:  £200)

Based on what comes up in the programme for everyone as a collective so you don’t stay stuck in an old energy and you can move things more quickly.

1 30-minute Private Session with Raspreet (Value £200)

To clear any specific blocks that come up for you.

1 60-minute Monthly Q&A Mastermind 

To get your questions answered, group coaching/clearing AND guidance with your action steps.

PLUS, you’ll be supported in a safe community of people who are cheering for you and that’s priceless.

Bonus Resources

Who doesn’t love extra bonuses to support them on their journey?

I will be sharing specific training, articles, vidoes and more cool resources that will make this journey much more easeful for you!

Private Facebook Group

Private community to ask your questions, get support, celebrate your wins, contribute to others and buddy up with others to keep on track.

Being in this community will assist you to implement the changes you desire.

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Why don’t people create what they truly desire?


When people aren’t living the life that they truly desire, it is easy to look outward for what they SHOULD be doing.

They fall into the trap of seeking for something outside of themselves to feel better.

They end up in a cycle of always comparing, never feeling like they measure up, and then feeling like there must be something fundamentally flawed about them.  

When you do this, you get stuck with always trying to ‘fix’ yourself or improve your life by getting a new job, getting into (or staying in) relationships that are unfulfilling, investing more money into self or personal development, jumping onto the next fad that promises you a quick fix.

You try to mimic the ways that other people have successfully used to create success in their lives, but still fail to create the results you desire.

Why don’t people create the things that they desire?  It comes down to one key thing:  taking action that isn’t soul-aligned.

Most people make get distracted with taking the wrong TYPE of action, so never create results.

They make it harder for themselves, so end up plugging endless amounts of time, effort, energy and money into things that may never really work for them.

Overall, they are always in resistance, and that is exhausting.

Here’s what I KNOW about up-levelling your life and living:

VIBRATIONAL shifting is usually a GRADUAL process…

For many people, their past experiences means that their energy simply hasn’t been entrained to the newer, higher frequency that is required to actualise their desires.

The mistake I see MANY people making, even those that have been doing this work for years, is that they try to jump from one end of the vibrational scale to another.

Whilst this works for a while, if you haven’t entrained your energy to the newer vibration, it is usually a temporary state of the newer frequency that you get to.

Most people attempt to jump up the vibrational scale without moving through the vibrations at a rate that is going to create lasting, sustainable shifts in their energy, that they can actually HOLD and entrain themselves to.

This process can take time.

Particularly if you don’t just want temporary fixes that will keep re-surfacing for you again and again, but desire DEEP shifts and LASTING results!

It isn’t an overnight thing or something that happens over a 3 day transformational weekend, or even something that happens over a few months…

It is a cumulative effect of dialing up your energy on a DAILY basis over a period of time, until you BECOME a new vibration.


In their attempt to accelerate the shifts and manifest what they desire, people tend to get busy with:

Running on autopilot and doing things for the sake of it

They go through the motions.

There is no energy, drive or motivation behind the action, so they quickly run out of steam.

They never actually create the momentum required to have what they are asking for.


Taking action that doesn’t create results

Taking the wrong kind of action for THEM, leaving them feeling like a hamster on a spinning wheel- always busy, but never really creating any real results.

This leaves can leave you feeling exhausted, drained and demotivated, especially when you work so hard with no real results.


Creating resistance and making things harder

They work against the way THEY uniquely create, so frequently find themselves facing challenges that stand in their way of creating the very things that they desire.

It’s the equivalent of constantly swimming upstream!

Exhausting, right?

Here is what is really going on:


The three main traps that most people get caught up in are ENERGYMINDSET and ACTION.

Most people either place too much focus on the inner work (the mindset, meditation, vision boards etc.) or on taking the action and hustle.


Because a lot of folks haven’t been taught HOW to translate the energy into motion in a PRACTICAL way.

And even if they manage to get past this, it’s usually only temporary, because they haven’t got the systems and processes in place to maintain the energetic shift that’s required for long enough for their desires to manifest.

They haven’t got the CLARITY on their desires, on what action to take and on how to create the energy and mindset that will allow them to catalyse their heart’s desires.

With deeper clarity on your desires and striking the right balance between mindset, energy and soul-aligned action, what could you create in your life?

If nothing was impossible, what would you love to create in your life?


Would you like to be on your way to creating that in 9 months?


You’re invited to join me on Catalyse, as I take you through a journey of deep self-discovery and equip you with the tools to change ANYTHING and have EVERYTHING that you desire.

How Will Catalyse Help You?


Catalyse is where you get to find that sweet spot, where the energy, mindset AND action come together in harmony, so you ACHIEVE your dreams, rather than just dreaming about them.

After working with hundreds people, the two things I see the create the best, most sustainable and lasting results are clarity and daily action.

Balancing the energy work with taking aligned action is where most people struggle, so let’s get that handled.

The first thing you will do in Catalyse is get crystal clear clarity on what your CORE desires are.

This immediately shifts your energy and allows you to magnetise your deepest desires with more ease.

With this deeper level of clarity, you will understand exactly why everything you have been trying in the past hasn’t been working.

For 9 months, you will receive guidance and support that will entrain your energy to a new vibration, a vibration that matches that of your desires, so you literally magnetise your desires and accelerate them showing up!

Then, you are ready to take the action that is aligned with YOU, comes naturally, so that you catalyse your creations with ease and start living the life you always knew was possible for you!


Can I help you to get CRYSTAL CLEAR on how to create YOUR dreams into physical reality?

All the inner work or action-taking means nothing if you aren’t truly creating the results that you desire, right?

I have designed Catalyse to help you get CLARITY with you desires, learn YOUR unique way of creating and provide the relevant tools, processes, training and resources that will assist you to create the way that YOU uniquely create.

I am tired of seeing brilliant people, with AWESOME visions for themselves and the planet getting stuck and living a mediocre life, when they are more than capable of CHANGING ANYTHING and HAVING EVERYTHING!

I believe that begins with getting super clear on your desires, tapping into your own innate abilities and putting yourself back into the equation!

YOU are the only person that can change things and create what you desire in your life.


Here is what I know helps to create your desires with ease:

Having an enviroment that supports you through the process is imperitive when creating the change you are asking for.

Catalyse is that environment. 

You will be part of a high-vibe community of people that contribute to your energetic vibration, keep you motivated and vibing high, so even when life throws you challenges, you are easily able to navigate through them and stay on track with LIVING your dreams.

You receive tools and processes to help you, you have a community of people to buoy your faith and cheer you on, and you receive the support I can provide to assist you.

If you show up for yourself every month, with the support that I provide, you can absolutely transform your life and start to live the life you dream about, instead of just dreaming about it!

Is it time to transform your life now?

Let’s do it together!


I invite you to CATALYSE – a nine month programme that will support in getting such a deep level of clarity, that you can finally create in a way that actually works for YOU.


What’s the Investment?



Payment Option 1*:  £250 deposit, followed by 12 payments of £250.

* – Only available until the 21st February 2020


Payment Option 2:  £362 deposit followed by 8 payments of £361.  


Catalyse is a 9-month programme that is for £3,250. 

When you pay in full, you receive a £500 saving.


Please note that by agreeing to pay in full or by taking up a payment plan option, you will be required to pay the agreed amount, whether you choose to continue with the programme or not.

The payment plan is a courtesy and it is your responsibility to follow through with the contract. 

One of the things you can count on me for is my integrety and committment to you by showing up 100% and delivering my best for you on this programme. 

I require the same of you if you are choosing to step up into a life that truly lights you up, so please don’t dishonour yourself and me by signing up to a payment plan if you don’t intend on honouring your committment and paying it off.

That’s not cool and how much more can you create by honouring you and the people who are committed to supporting you?



What could you change in your life in 9 months?



Here is some awesomeness people have

created with Catalyse



What would you like to have in your life in the next year?

What would your life BE like if you HAD that in your life?



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