The energy of debt can be really heavy and can really affect your business success.

It can be a bit of a catch 22 for most people, as part of the reason they are in business may be to clear some of their debts.

So, how can you shift the energy to start generating more income and profits in your business and be financially free?

Business Energetics

 The energy you send out affects everything in your life, and that includes your business.

Your energy, subconscious beliefs and programming will shape every area of your life.

Your business can be thought of as an extension of you.  Therefore, when you shift your own energy and focus, you will also change that of your business.

I have worked with many clients (and myself!) on clearing money blocks and fears around debt.

One of the things that is most prevalent when working on these issues is the energy and emotion the debt brings up for the person.

Back in the olden days, there used to be actual “debtor’s prisons”, which were torture chambers reserved for those that failed to pay off their debts.

Some of this left-over energy and fear is still energetically programmed into the DNA.  This means that the word itself often triggers these past memories and emotions surrounding debt.

It may not even be YOUR stuff, it could be someone in your genetic line that faced punishment for not being able to pay off a debt in the past.

It may be energy stuck in the collective consciousness from previous times of recession, depression, wars, drought and famine.


The Energy of Debt and How It Affects Your Business



  1. Limits Growth and Expansion

The energy of debt is a restrictive energy and it prevents any expansion.

So, if you have debts hanging over your head, worries around paying off debts and such like, you will create this contractive energy, which does not allow you to generate and create more money.

It is like this “dying” energy that limits your growth and expansion, both as an individual and within your business.

  1. Blocks You Having and Creating Consistent Income Streams

The restrictive energy of debt literally squeezes any flow of income.  How does that play out in your life and business?

You may attract difficult clients that either won’t pay, will take advantage of you.  Or, you will lose the money you have made by creating unexpected bills or losses.

  1. Creates More Debt and/or Less Profit

After working with so many people with money blocks, I have discovered that when people are in debt, they tend to play it safe.  They avoid taking calculated risks, which can often result in keeping them stuck instead of moving forward in their life and business.

 As we have established, the energy of debt is not generative, it is restrictive and diminishes.

As more doubt and fear creeps in, it destroys your willingness to create beyond your current financial reality, leaving you stagnant and stuck where you are.

  1. Creates a “Glass Ceiling”

When people are in debt, they are so worried about paying off their debts, they get stuck in this energy of “lack” and worry.

This creates an energetic glass ceiling as they subconsciously feel they are unworthy of having more, because of fears around losing it all and creating more debt.  It is a vicious cycle.

  1. Unwillingness to HAVE Money

Some people find it more comfortable to save money, others to spend it.  Most of us are not programmed to actually HAVE money.

The unwillingness to have money is often not a conscious decision.  It is usually a subconscious mechanism that kicks in and is governed by many factors.

Some of these may include genetic or ancestral programming or social and cultural conditioning.

In their desperation to pay off their debt, one of two things happen:

(i)  people will self-sacrifice and throw loads of money at the debt in attempt to pay it off, leaving themselves worse off

(ii)  ignore the debt, bury their heads in the sand and continue to keep accumulating more and more debt




How can You Shift the Energy to Create More in Your Life and Business?


Yes, you do have bills and previous debts to pay off.  I am not saying that you ought to ignore them and not pay them off.

There are many avenues you can explore to help you manage your debts, including some Government-endorsed debt management agencies.

So, looking at getting help with the options available to you is a good start.

If you change the actual energy behind the debt, you can start to send a different energetic signal that will allow you to generate and create more money and abundance, so you can create financial abundance.

Have you made debt your most worthy money goal? 

If this is so, you will keep creating more debt.

Subconsciously, you may be driven by lack.

Think about your life and business…every time you have been in debt, or not had enough, has it motivated you to do something and create more?

It is insane, but our subconscious mind works in mysterious ways!  It may not seem like it’s helping from a conscious view-point, but everything your subconscious mind does serves you in some way.

If you didn’t have a positive gain from it, you wouldn’t be creating it in your life!

What if you made financial abundance your money goal, instead of focusing on paying off debts?

Would you like to know how to do this?

What kind of beliefs, energy and emotions you would need to shift in order to create more income in your business more consistently?


Imagine working with the right clients, because you have shifted your energy to magnetise people that you love to work with, that also love you, appreciate you and value the work that you do?


How much more joy and ease would you have in your business and money story if you had all this in your life?


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I have two industry experts speaking about branding, marketing, scaling your business, using systems and strategies and all sorts of tips and guidance for you to implement and get cracking on in your business to create and generate the shift you need to make your business flow.


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