Drama in relationships can cause a lot of stress, unrest and can lead to the breakdown of even the most loving and otherwise perfect relationship.

As humans, we are programmed to be loved – it is a primal need.

When something happens, which prevents this basic human need from being fulfilled, it can leave you feeling depressed, worthless, exhausted, apathetic and like you have lost the will to live.

Most people will experience love at least once in their lifetime.  Some people may experience heartache as well as the love, and this experience can put a damper on your perception of relationships.  It may even adversely affect your relationships in the future.

Even the most happy, loving and positive relationships can have drama from time to time.  This can cause a shift in the energy of the relationship.

There are so many factors that influence us and the way we behave or react to things in a relationship.


Some of the things that may impact on your relationships are:

  1. Your perception of relationships

Think back to your childhood and consider the types of relationships you witnessed growing up.

You may have consciously tried to steer away from the types of relationships you saw in your younger years, because you realised that wasn’t what you wanted.

However, on a subconscious level, you may have accepted unhealthy patterns as the norm.

As children, we can often pick up the habits we see growing up.  For example, if you saw your mother giving your father the “silent treatment” as a way to avoid conflict, to punish or handle an argument, then chances are, you may have learned that behaviour as well.

Conversely, if you grew up in a household where everyone shouted and got aggressive to get their points across, then that may be the way you deal with things yourself.

Take some time to reflect on how you are in your relationship – are there any similarities between you and the people you grew up with?

Are there any changes that you could make to be a better version of yourself?

Sometimes, these patterns are so engrained in us, that we can’t see them ourselves.  Even if we do, it can be challenging to change the habit of a lifetime.

I work with a lot of clients who unconsciously mimic the same relationship patterns as their parents.

In our sessions together, we use ThetaHealing®, Crystal Lay-Outs and Emotional Release Therapy to change the subconscious mindset so that the client can then change their perceptions of a healthy relationship and be empowered to make the positive changes required to sustain a loving, healthy and happy relationship.

  1. Your Belief Systems

Your subconscious programming and belief systems influences the type of relationship you have a lot.

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Negative programming, beliefs and feelings towards the opposite sex, relationships, people can all adversely impact on your own relationships.

These belief systems may be picked up from society and the culture you are in.

Beliefs like “men are cheats/untrustworthy”, “women are gold-diggers”, “relationships are hard work”, “you can’t have it all” are all common disempowering programmes that can impact on a relationship.

Through ThetaHealing®, it is possible to identity negative subconscious beliefs and release them, replacing them with positive, empowering beliefs, to create positive shifts.

  1. External Influences

The thoughts, opinions and beliefs of others that are close to you in your life can influence you and the way that you perceive things in your life and relationship.

If you seek the advice of your friends and family, they will have their own take and spin on the situation and can make things worse, even though they are only trying to help.

So, use discernment when talking to others about your relationship problems.  Also remember, if you are emotionally charged from an argument with your partner, you may not be thinking about what you are saying when you are venting to others.

Your loved ones will then have a negative take on the situation, and even if you later resolve the issue, they may not let go of that negative image they have of your partner, which can make things awkward in the future.

So, think things through and avoid talking to others in the heat of the moment.

Also, films and books that romanticise the idea of what a relationship is can influence your ideas of a what a healthy relationship should look like.

In the films, everything is perfect, once the obstacles are overcome, they live happily ever after.

Whilst this is not impossible, in a healthy relationship, there are bound to be some differences of opinions.

If you always agreed with your partner, things would quickly get boring and the relationship would stagnate.

So, just because you may be going through a rough patch, don’t think that the relationship has broken down.

Take some to sit down and discuss what you both need from each other.

And that brings us onto the next point…

  1. Breakdown in Communication

In today’s world, we are so busy connecting with the world using technology, that we forget we also need to connect on a basic human level.

Lives are busy, leaving little time to spend quality time and just talk to your loved ones, in person, giving them your full, undivided attention.

This can lead to a serious breakdown in communication within the relationships, which invites misunderstandings and frustrations to creep in.

Make sure that you are dedicating time to one another and spend quality time together regularly.

Speak to each other and actually listen to what the other person is saying.

Sometimes, people just want someone to vent to, without the need of a solution, judgement or criticism.

The drama can start when one partner is trying to offer their input or advice, which may trigger the other person.  They may take it as judgement or criticism.

So, be very mindful of your words and language.  There is a time and place to offer solutions.  Make sure you are choosing the right moment to offer the solutions.

  1. Money and Finances

The number one cause of drama for the clients that come to me with relationship issues, is money.

Most divorces are down to issues with finances or money.

There are very old, genetic programmes around money which can cause problems in a relationship.

Old, ancestral and genetic programmes that state the man typically should be the wage earner, that the man’s money is the family money and the woman’s is her own, can cause a lot of friction and resentment within an otherwise perfectly ok relationship.

Most people in today’s world are unwilling to share their money in relationships, and that can be due to several factors.

Maybe growing up, you saw that one person handled the money.  Usually, it’s the woman that handles the money, while the man is expected to go out and earn it.

However, things have changed now, but this ancient programming is still playing out in the subconscious mind, and this causes a whole host of issues and drama in the relationship.

It brings about a power struggle and can make one or both of the partners resentful or unworthy.

In the past, you may have seen that money is used as a way to control others and to exert power over them.  If you have experienced this, you may subconsciously be using money as a way to be in control or have power in the relationship.

Reflect back on your relationship with money from your childhood.  How was money used?  Were your parents generous with it, was it limited, was money the cause of conflict or arguments in your household?

If this is the case, there may be negative subconscious programming concerning money and relationships, which you need to resolve.

Once this is resolved, you will find that your relationship will improve, as will your ability to have financial abundance.


Are you ready to resolve the drama and conflict in your relationships, restore the love, harmony, happiness and increase your financial abundance as an individual, and as a couple?


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