What Makes It So Challenging to Survice a Break-Up and Overcome Heartache?

Overcoming the heartache after a break-ups is never easy, regardless of the time you have spent in a relationship with a person.


The fact is that you got together with this person and formed a bond with them. There was the hope of some form of commitment and a mutual respect or understanding between you. There was an intention that you would grow together, do fun stuff and build a bank of happy memories along the way.


And perhaps you did, but then things started to turn sour. The arguments crept in, the cracks began to show. And for whatever reason, the relationship broke down, and you parted ways.


The Physiological Response That Happens During a Break-Up

During a break-up, you experience similar physiological responses as someone going through withdrawal symptoms after physical addiction. Studies show that being in love increases levels of dopamine, which activates neural pathways to trigger the pleasure centres in the brain.


This explains the feeling of euphoria, positivity and optimism we experience when we are in a loving relationship. So, stands to reason that when you go through a break-up, you experience “withdrawal” symptoms, just as you would in addiction, as you literally “crave” the activation of that pleasure centre.


So here you are, stuck in that horrible phase where you so badly want to move on and rid yourself of this funk you seem to be stuck in. But however hard you try, you just can’t seem to shake off this feeling of having your heart broken into a million pieces and you are left wondering if time really does heal.


How do you escape this horrible, sinking feeling of doom and gloom, move forward and start to feel more positive and upbeat about the future?



Here are 5 things that you can do to help move forward with ease and grace.


1. Allow Yourself Time to Cry

Set a time limit for this…don’t drag it out, but do give yourself enough time to allow yourself sufficient time and space to feel and release any emotions that are coming up for you.
At this stage, refrain from suppressing any tears. The tears that you cry during this period are actually healing and allow the trapped emotions an outlet to be released.


2. Acknowledge and Acceptance

Don’t live in denial, acknowledge what has happened and accept it for what it is.

Don’t keep going over the regrets of the past and just accept it as learning.

Reflect back on the relationship for any lessons that you learnt and make a mental note of things you would do differently in the future. But be mindful that you don’t get stuck in living in the past and in the energy of regrets.


3. Take Out Time for Self-Care

Indulge yourself in a treat…something that you enjoy, that will relax you and uplift you. Whether that is a manicure, pedicure, day at the spa.

Exercise is a great way to get your mood elevated and has the added bonus of boosting your fitness levels and making you feel more confident about yourself.


4. Find Yourself

Take some time to get to know yourself and who you are as an individual. Check in with what your likes and dislikes are, because chances are, the relationship may have changed the way you view things.

So, take this time to evaluate what your current wants, needs and desires are and take steps towards fulfilling these.


5. Redress the Balance of Your Energy

Every relationship will impact on you energetically. And that is true for romantic relationships, as well as all others.
Energetically speaking, when two people are together and especially when they have been physical with one another, there is an exchange of energy. Energetic cords and ties are made between the two.

These energetic bonds can interfere with you being able to move on from the relationship, and even if you do get past this, it will affect any future relationships. Consider holistic therapies to help with redressing the balance of your energy.

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So how can I help you?

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