If you have gone into business, one of the main reasons is to make money consistently, right?


This isn’t always top priority for everyone, believe it or not! 

There are some people that wish to spread knowledge, empower others in some way, to help and support others and that is what drives them.

If this describes you, that’s GREAT!  But what if you could generate more income and use it to support you in doing that?

Imagine all the things you could create using the money that would enable you to reach more people and fulfil that BIG vision that you have?

I work with many heart-centred entrepreneurs who are in business with a big purpose, who struggle when it comes to making consistent income streams.

Some find it relatively easy to generate money, but still find it is never enough to attain their ultimate dream, whereas others struggle making money altogether.

Then there are those that are able to make the money some days, and everything dries up the next day…they are in a constant feast or famine cycle!


Which one are you?


So, what are the most common reasons that people struggle with consistent income streams in their business?



And more importantly, how do you overcome these challenges and start generating money consistently and with more ease?


 1) Business or a Hobby?


This is a very common theme I see with my students and clients. 

Typically, a heart-centred entrepreneur LOVES what they do and are passionate about it.

This can blur the lines between it being a hobby and a business.

As long as you are looking at what you do as more of a hobby, you will struggle to generate consistent income streams with it.

Think about your business and what you REALLY regard it as. 

If it is a business, you will take calculated risks in it, invest in both the business and yourself, with a view to making it work.

If it is more of a hobby, you may LOVE what you do, but will not have the drive nor inclination to invest in growing it.

One very simple and effective way to overcome this and shift the energy is to stop treating what you do as a hobby and start looking at it as a business.

When you do this, you will start to see the value in taking calculated risks, investing in the business and in yourself to support you in the success you desire!


2) It’s Simply Not a Priority


If your business (or making money) is not a priority, you will subconsciously self-sabotage it.

How can making money or your business NOT be a priority, you ask?

Well, if your WHY isn’t big enough! 

If you don’t know why you do what you do, if it’s just a tick box exercise, where you don’t really enjoy it and have no real passion and drive for it, you will struggle to keep motivated.

This means, you will overlook golden opportunities, which if you took up, would allow you to launch yourself into success. 

This could be because you have subconscious programming and limiting beliefs around money, success and being in business which inhibit you from the success that you truly desire.

As an Intuitive Soul Coach, I work with MANY clients who have these types of programmes, that can be quite easily and rapidly re-framed to create massive shifts in their money story and success in all areas of their life.


When these subconscious beliefs and patterns are re-framed, you will see rapid results, as your energy, motivation, ability to receive and create what you desire is reinforced.


3) Overwhelm…AKA Burying your Head in the Sand Syndrome!


In this day and age, there is a MASSIVE amount of information out there. 

With so much choice, it gets overwhelming with what to get, whether it’s a new app, workshop, event, plug-in, gadgets and so much more!

Information is readily available online, at your fingertips.

Looking at different ways of doing business, following one way, then trying another, often ends up in frustration, exhaustion and leaves you feeling confused and despondent, especially when all the claims still aren’t working for you!

Then, there is the technology, and if you are a technophobe, it can be a minefield out there. 

These types of people just ignore it and hope that the old-fashioned ways of doing things will still work.

If this sounds like you, OUTSOURCE things you don’t like doing, or aren’t good at. 

Or invest in the right training to help you get more tech savvy and make it easier for you.



Knowing what actually works for YOU, YOUR personality and YOUR business.


Just because certain things work for others, doesn’t mean they will work for you.

It is so important to find YOUR own unique way of doing things.  Sometimes this means thinking outside the box and being brave enough to do things out of the norm for you.

When I work with clients on their business, money or relationship blocks, I tailor the sessions to that particular individual.

All of us are wired differently, we come from different cultures, upbringings and have had experiences that are unique to only US, so this process is not a one-size fits all thing.

You have to find something that works for you, as a person, as a brand, as a parent (if you are one) and as an entrepreneur.

You have a unique energy signature and only you can do what you do in the way that you do it.

And there are many people out there that are looking for someone just like YOU, to deliver them the products or services that YOU provide.


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