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What Does It Mean to Manifest Your Heart’s Desires?

To manifest your heart’s desires is the process by which you transform your dreams into physical reality.

The types of things you can manifest are wide and varied and are not only limiting to physical things…they could be experiences, travel, money, health, relationships, clients in your business, a promotion at work. The list is endless!

To understand this further, you must have a basic grasp on one of the spiritual laws that has the most influence on your manifestations. And this is the Law of Attraction.

When you understand that the Law of Attraction works by responding to the vibrations sent out to the Universe through your thoughts and feelings, you can appreciate how important it is to be mindful of what you are putting out there.

Therefore, whatever you are choosing to place your focus upon will be the very thing you will manifest into your life.

So, if you are constantly worried or stressed and affirming that you are broke, that is the vibrational content that you are sending out to the Universe, and the Law of Attraction kicks in to send you more situations and experiences to match that vibrational frequency, which in this case, may play out in your life as extra bills to pay, a job loss…anything that will keep you in that vibration of being broke!

How Can You Switch Your Thoughts to Support Manifesting What You WANT?

1. Switch Your Focus onto What You Desire

Make a list of what you do want in your life. Spend a few minutes a day, preferably first thing when you wake up to do this.

Reflect on how it would feel for you to have it in your life right now. Focus on how good you would feel, who you would be with, what you’d be doing.

Hold onto the uplifting feelings and emotions that come with imagining that you already have this in your life.

2. Raise Your Vibration By Doing Something That Makes You Feel Good

The quickest way to raise your vibration is to do something you love. Something that makes you laugh, gets your energy up and makes you feel happy.

This may mean watching a funny comedy, going out in nature, meditating, or just dancing like nobody’s watching! Whatever it is that puts a smile on your face.

3. Make Peace With Current, Challenging Situations

Try to make a list of the most positive aspects of your challenges. You are looking for the silver lining, and there always is one if you look hard enough!

Let go of negative, dense emotions that only serve to hold you in a lower frequency of vibration.

Releasing emotions like regrets, resentments, anger, confusion, jealousy, and victim-hood can fast track you to raising your vibration.

For information on how to deal with these emotions in a gentle, yet powerful way through Emotional Release Therapy, click here.

4. Be Grateful For What You Already Have

Praise whatever you already have and refrain from criticising and condemning others for having what you want.

When you start to place focus on all the good things that you already have and express gratitude and appreciation for them, you automatically raise your vibration. The Law of Attraction responds by giving you more of the good stuff, because that is where you are placing your focus.

Start writing a list of things that you are grateful for every day. Start off with a couple of things to begin with. You will notice that as you do this, your mood will shift and you feel uplifted. Eventually, you will find more and more things to be grateful for.

5. Change Your Beliefs

Your beliefs play an important role in manifestation. Even if you follow all the other steps, if you have limiting beliefs in the way, you will find it difficult to manifest.

Beliefs like “it is impossible”, “others can do this but I can’t”, “if I have this, others may get jealous” are some of the common conscious beliefs.

However, there are beliefs held on the subconscious level that you may not even be aware you have. These beliefs may be inherited or held within your DNA.

Re-framing these limiting beliefs into positive, empowering beliefs can accelerate your manifestations. For more information about how to do this, click here.

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Manifesting through using the Law of Attraction requires taking inspired action. This action will feel good to take, you will intuitively know that it is the right step forward in manifesting your dreams.

ThetaHealing® is a powerful tool to use in helping you to manifest, by re-programming your beliefs and feelings to those that bring you back in alignment with your intentions and desires.

The key to manifestation is to get your mindset and actions in harmony and have the belief that you can achieve anything…and you will!

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