Do you ever get frustrated and wonder why you aren’t creating the life you truly desire to be living?

Maybe it’s a change in your lifestyle, with your relationships, your business or career, your health or with money.

Does it seem like you are always having to trade off one area of your life to gain in another?

If this sounds like you, you aren’t alone.

So many people have been trained to self-sacrifice, “make do” and work with what they have.

When you operate from that space, it is really easy to get stuck in a rut and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  It all just becomes part of life, and you get so used to it, you barely notice it.

Until you’re reminded of what you really desire.

It’s those pangs of envy (even jealousy) or longing, that surface after watching others in your circle succeed, or watching a film and wondering why we all can’t get our big break and have our happily ever after!


Have you ever found yourself thinking, “I’ll just make do with…”?

It has become so normal for us to think we have to compromise on something in order to have another thing.

Even after years of self-development, energy healing and various other tools and processes that have taught me that anything is possible, I have moments where I question it!

I still sometimes find myself caught up in the energy of “making do” with something that I am not entirely happy with.

I am much better at it now, and I also can perceive that there’s still room for improvement!


What Actually Happens When You Decide to Make Do?

Firstly, you cut the Universe off at its knees and limit the possibilities for yourself. 

It keeps you stuck in a rut, usually in a place where you’re not happy or fulfilled.

Going back to my pre-self-development days, I would settle for toxic relationships and jobs that I was unhappy with. 

Even the food I ate and the people I hung out with were a compromise and not really what I liked or desired!

I would say things like, “well, at least I have a job/partner/something to eat, so many people don’t”.  That was my justification to myself for settling.


Where have you settled in your life and justified to yourself the reasons why you are doing that?


As long as I was in the energy of “making do”, there was no space for change.

I kept wondering why my life wasn’t where I would have liked it to be.

I would go into judgement of myself, thinking there was something wrong with me.


Can you think of anywhere in your life where you might be doing these things?

Are they areas that you would love to change now?


Looking back, I made some interesting choices, buying into the lie it was just the way life was, and I couldn’t change things.

I had grown up watching my friends and family suffer and looked on wistfully at those that did do well in life, thinking that they were just lucky, and I just wasn’t one of those chosen, lucky few!

It was a vicious cycle…

I compromised on MY desires (usually to keep others happy!).

I would settle for what I had, in the guise of being grateful.

I would then go into the space of wrongness of me and felt that I had to compromise more just to grab onto some of the love and acceptance I was really after.

At the time, I could tangibly see this in my relationships and my money, both of which were in a dire state!

However, on a deeper level, it was affecting me in my career, my health, my confidence and my mental and emotional well-being as well.


So, how do you break out of the cycle of “making do”?


When changing things in my own life or when working with my clients, there are 3 key pieces that I know will change things instantly, if you follow them through!


1) Reclaim Your Power

The moment that you realise that you already have the power to change things, you will reclaim all the power you have ever given away…whether it’s to others, your business, your body, money or anything else.

It’s just a simple awareness…you can do it NOW!

Just know that you can change things, if you truly desire it.


2) Exercise Your Ability to Choose

The “power” I talk about is not strength, whether that’s emotional, spiritual or physical strength.

It is simply the ability to CHOOSE.

You can do that, right? 

For me, all the self and personal development tools, modalities and processes that I had learned really helped me to see that I did have a choice.

If you don’t acknowledge that you HAVE a choice to change things, you aren’t ever going to break out of the cycle.


3) Change It!

Change comes with CHOICE…it’s a different decision that may be required to stop the crazy that you have “settled” for all your life.

So, think of something you would like to have change with in your life…an area that you know you have been “settling” or compromising with.

Ask yourself the questions below and allow yourself to become aware of the different possibilities with this thing.

“Can I change this?”

“What choice can I make today to change this with total ease?”

“Who or what do I require to add into my life in order to make this change with ease and joy?”


Then, just sit with whatever comes up for you…your first thoughts, any awareness you may get.

It may be that you don’t get anything straight away, and the awareness comes later…

It may be in a dream, overhearing a conversation on the tube…something may pop when you are in the shower, taking a walk…

It could be something that pops for you immediately, a few hours later, days later, months later… just be open to receiving it.

And when you do, take the action!



Extra Support to Create the Change and Live a Compromise-Free Life You Love


I go through these elements in much more detail with my clients.

I support them with clearing any limitations, past baggage and energy that blocks them from making progress.

I also guide them to creating action plans that are aligned with them and the change they are asking for.

If you’d like to explore how I can work with you on your challenges, click the button below, enter your details and you’ll receive an email with questions to answer and send back to me.

Based on your answers, I will either send you a link to schedule a no-pressure chat with me (30 minutes) or I will reply back to your email with some suggestions and referrals.


How much easier can it be to create the change and compromise-free life that allows you to create anything BEYOND your wildest dreams?!

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