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Establishing a true soulmate relationship, whether you are still looking for “the one”, or already in a relationship, can be as easy or as difficult as you make it.

The keys in manifesting this type of relationship, is to get clear on what a true soulmate relationship looks and feels like for you.

Remember, this isn’t a one size fits all kind of thing.

Nowadays, the word “soulmate” gets thrown around quite a bit.  Women (and men!) are on the search for their perfect partner, “the one”, their knight in shining armour.

Women who are in love almost always think that the object of their affection is their soulmate.  When things break down, it leaves them wondering if in fact, that person was their soulmate.

It calls into question the existence of true love, and quite often, these women fall into a downward spiral of fear.

Fears around never meeting another soulmate again, because you had your chance and blew it.  Fears around it being too late, being too damaged, too old, too fat, all sorts of insecurites are born out of a failed relationship.

Women develop insecurities and fears around history repeating itself and a repeat scenario of the very reason why the previous relationship failed.

If there’s one mistake that so many women on the search for a soulmate after a break-up make, it’s this: failing to develop a clear vision of her ideal soulmate relationship.

Too often we conform to society’s definition of a happy couple and successful relationship.  Our social and cultural conditioning and beleifs heavily cloud our own judgement and way of thinking about what we really want.

Then of course, there are the past hurts, rejections and regrets from previous failed relationships that further cloud our ability to manifest the soulmate relationship we really desire.

All this fogginess, confusion and lack of clarity simply causes an inner conflict with your own energy.  This sends out mixed signals on an energetic level, which then influences the type of people, experiences and relationships that you will attract.

The more confusion and conflicting energy within you, the worse the kind of expereinces and people that you will tend to attract into your life.

If the break-up is just recent or you’re just venturing out into your search of a soulmate relationship, it can seem an impossible task to know who your ideal soulmate is.

Start with these three points to manifest a soulmate relationship after a break-up:

1) Separate Yourself from The Past

This may be easier said than done, but it is so important to detach from the past to allow yourself to move forward.

You may find it easier with some support from someone else, someone that is impartial and can talk, advise and guide you without any judement or attachement to the outcome.

Counselling, holistic therapy, meditation and exercise are all excellent ways to do this.

2) Set Yourself Some Goals

What do you hope to achieve, and what products and services are out there that can help to realise those goals?

Every person is unique and what they want and need out of a relationship is completely bespoke to them. If you don’t know where you’re going, you can’t seek the help or take the inspired action to get there.

3) Set Your Intentions – Mindset and Energy Work Like Magic

Intention setting is very powerful.  It helps you to focus your energy on what you actually want, rather than what you don’t.

Many years ago, when I set my intention that I attract a soulmate who loves, values, appreciates and supports me, someone that grows with me and with whom I can have fun, laughter and magical experiences with, that’s exactly what I got!  I am now happily married to my ideal soulmate and we have a strong, soulmate connection.

Are you ready to move on from your past and create a new future, filled with love, joy, happiness, fun and magic with someone that adores, loves, respects and supports you unconditionally?

Do you want a true soulmate relationship, where both of you grow together and bring out the best in each other?

I have helped many of my clients to move past the hurt and drama of their failed relationships and prepare themselves to find true love in a soulmate relationship.

If you would like the support, guidance and mentoring from an experienced and award-winning holistic health therapist and relationship expert, check out my VIP programmes. Or book a 1:1 ThetaHealing® Session where we’ll deep dive and rapidly start shifting unconscious beliefs and feelings that are blocking you from moving on and finding true love.

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