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To attract your ideal soulmate, you must ensure that you are sending out the right energetic signals to the Universe.

We are energetic beings, and as such, we are constantly sending out energetic signals.  The signals emitted by an individual are influenced by how they are feeling and their core beliefs.

These signals are being sent out whether you are consciously aware of them or not.


Here are 3 tips on how you can ensure you are sending out the right signal to attract the right person for you:


1) Respect and Value Yourself

The way that you look and value yourself will be reflected back at you by the people around you.

If you assign yourself your own worth, respect and value yourself, then the people you attract will also do the same.

If there are aspects about yourself that you are not happy or confident with, then you will be attracting people that will mirror this.

The types of experiences and people you will be attracting will either remind you about the things that you dislike about yourself, highlighting that you are not good enough in these areas.  You may attract narcissistic, controlling relationships, or ones where your self-esteem and self-confidence will be knocked.


2)  Declutter

You want to declutter not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

The physical decluttering will help the energy flow and as you discard things you no longer need, you make room for those that you actually need and want in your life.

Emotional and mental decluttering is the process of sorting through any negative thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs that no longer serve you.  This can be achieved through counselling, ThetaHealing®, Emotional Release Therapy or crystal lay outs, just to name a few things.

As you release these low vibrational energies from within you, you will activate a higher energetic vibration.  This will strengthen a more positive, higher vibrational energetic signal that you emit to the Universe.  As your energy shifts, you will attract better people, better experiences and more love and harmony into your life.


 3) Be Clear With What You Want

When you have clarity with what you actually want, the Universe can deliver that to you.  If you are unclear and have a rough idea, then the Universe will send you a mixed bag of things and people, which may not be what you are looking for.

Get crystal clear with what you want.

Here’s the other thing with that – so many of us focus on what we don’t want.  Try to switch this to what you do want instead.

The energy will flow to wherever you are focusing on.  So, if you are focused on not attracting someone that cheats on you, then you are likely to attract someone that cheats.  A simple switch in the way you think will totally change the outcome.  Think of attracting someone that is faithful and trustworthy instead, and this is the signal you will then send out and attract.

The clearer you get, the better chances of getting what you want.

For a more in-depth explanation of all the concepts explained here, click here to watch the video.


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