Most people have had relationship drama in their lives at some stage.

This type of drama can occur in many types of relationships, and is not mutually exclusive with just one specific kind.  

It can happen in relationships at work, romantic relationships, with family or friends, including those you love and adore and those you don’t!  

It doesn’t stop there.  Think beyond relationships with others….

What about your relationship with money, your body and even yourself…that all counts too!

Have you ever found yourself stuck in the middle of drama in your relationships and wonder how you even got there?

Do you notice that there are some relationships in your life where there is always some form of drama playing out?

Maybe you have noticed a pattern in your relationships that keeps happening, just in a different way…

Drama in relationships can be classed as anything that goes on within a relationship that leaves you feeling drained, upset, angry or sad…in short, it brings you disharmony or discord in your relationships.  

So, what is the cause of the drama and more importantly, how can you break away from the cycle of drama?


1) Mimicking Others

Have you ever been compared with other people in your life?  Either from your childhood, or even in your later years?

In this world, we are taught that we need to fit in.

So what happens?  

You end up mimicking others, because you have been told that they are better than you in some way, and that you should be more like them!

You might have reached a point in your life where you realise that the drama no longer works for you.

You may have shifted internally but the people around you may not have…

They still love drama, they still love being the victim…it works for them, and that’s cool.  

This isn’t about judging others for choosing something that you no longer wish to choose, it’s simply about being aware and being in allowance of it.

Honouring their choices, without any point of view on them.

You, however, have found that you no longer NEED to be the victim or create drama in your life and would rather focus on creating what you REALLY desire instead.

Your internal shift means that when you are around the people that you used to hang out with, there’s no longer any common ground.

You have nothing to talk about… no mutually interesting conversation pieces.

You may decide to engage in gossip, bitching, moaning, complaining just to fit in and find some common ground…because you really do love these people and you still want to fit in.

You want to be relatable to them, be loved and accepted.  

Quite often, there is an undercurrent of fear running as well…fears of drifting apart, being lonely or isolated by your loved ones.

So, you mimic them and their behaviours in attempt to fit in and be accepted.

Then, you judge the hell out of yourself for engaging in this negative behaviour, because you should know better than that, right?!


How can you overcome this?

Just became more aware when you were doing this…be more aware when you are simply shifting back or regressing just to fit in.  

And then make a conscious choice of what you would like to do.  

Once you bring in the conscious awareness, it affords you a choice as to what you would like to do…of course, you can still choose to engage in the negative behaviour, AND you will be aware that there is another option which you can choose at that point in time.

Shifting a decision at these times can eliminate drama as if by magic!


2)  Using Drama As Distraction or Entertainment

How much entertainment do you get out of the drama and trauma that you are choosing?

Yes, that right…ENTERTAINMENT!  

Most people feel that as long as there is drama in their life, they are interesting…I mean, how boring would you need to be to have NO drama, right?

We are so conditioned into thinking that drama is entertainment.  Just look at all the films, TV shows, particularly the reality ones…are they even worth watching UNLESS there is some epic drama?!

It has become part of everyday life.  So, people create drama and validate this need to have drama to be seen as being interesting!

People create the drama and trauma as a way to distract themselves from creating what they really desire.  

There are a number of reasons for this.  

They don’t think they’re good enough or special enough to create their real desires.

Perhaps they have decided that people like them can never have what they want.

Or maybe they have bought into the lie that it is impossible for them to create it…they don’t have the skills, the tools, the know-how, the money, etc…

As long as these limiting points of views and resistance to creating what you desire exist, you might find that you continue to choose the drama so that you can never really HAVE your true desires!

On the flip side, you may have fears around what happens if you really did get what you desire.

Fears like losing loved ones on account of jealousy…having to give something up in order to have something else…that it is taken away from you when you do finally get it, so you are left with even less than when you started out…


How can you overcome this?

Keep on adding to your life.  As long as you are in the energy of constant creation, you no longer need the drama to keep you entertained.

Think about what you would love to create in your life.  Take action steps every single day to achieve that. And each day, add ANOTHER thing, and ANOTHER and ANOTHER!

This keeps your unconscious mind too busy with creating what you really desire than spending time on creating the drama.  It’s a win-win!


3)  Not Knowing Who to Share With and How Much to Share

Another way we create drama is when we don’t acknowledge that the people around us are not ready to receive everything we say or do.

What does that mean, exactly?

Well, think of a situation where you have done amazing and in your excitement, told people about it.   How was it received by them?

Have you ever shared stuff with people only to have them judge you, criticise you or put a damper on your mood?

If that has ever happened to you, it is most likely because the person with whom you chose to share with wasn’t ready to receive what you shared.

It’s not always from a malicious perspective.  

Family and friends are often well-intentioned and have their own limiting points of view and fears, so from their perspective, they are simply looking out for you because they love you.

And then of course, there are also the less well-intentioned folk out there that are ready to bring you down and set out with the intention to sabotage or bring you down in some way.

Both the well-intentioned and the others project all their own beliefs, opinions and energy at you and you pick that up.

You may start questioning yourself, doubting yourself and even reacting and resisting to what they are saying.

You become defensive and immediately go into proving energy, where you have to make a case for what you are doing, why you are doing it and the benefit of it.

You are so busy trying to be right, that you create drama and trauma in the process!


How can you overcome this?

What if you didn’t have to be right?

Would you rather be right, or be free and happy to keep creating more and more awesomeness in your life and living?!

What if you could check in with your intuition to see who is ready to receive what you are about to share, and how much of it they are truly ready to receive?

Sometimes, people just are not ready to receive it, EVER.  What if that was ok?

Other times, they may not be ready to receive it right now, and may be later on.

Or it may be that they are only ready to receive SOME of it, and not all of it.  

Check in with what others are ready to receive and how much.

Here are some really useful questions to ask before sharing something with someone:


  • Are they ready to receive this now?
  • What is this person ready to receive about _______ right now?
  • If I have this conversation, will it create more of what I desire?
  • If I have this conversation, will it destroy what I would like to create?


Then, follow your awareness and you inner guidance.


What could you create if you knew how to tap into your own intuition AND trusted it?

How different would your life be if you made intuitive decisions that ALWAYS worked out better for you?

Would you like to deepen your intuition, expand your confidence and self-belief so that you can create ANYTHING you desire with total ease and with loads of fun?


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