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There are so many people today in search of their ideal soulmate relationship.

It is a common misconception that only those that are in search of “the one” are looking for this soulmate relationship.

In actual fact, those already in a relationship may also be looking to manifest a soulmate relationship.  These people have their partner, but may want to deepen and strengthen their connection to their partner, and thereby, manifest their soulmate relationship.


What Exactly Is a Soulmate?

There are so many definitions of a what a soulmate really is.  In my line of work, the topic of soulmate relationships often comes up.

As a transformational soul coach and relationship expert, I have many clients coming to see me to help them attract a soulmate, or to deepen their connection with their partner and create a soulmate connection.

Soulmates are people that have incarnated on this earth with you simply to help you, or teach you your soul lessons.

A soulmate is a member of your soul family – someone that you knew in another time or place, from a very long time ago, in another lifetime.

You have MANY soulmates…and you have different types.  Your soulmate could be your parents, your siblings, your friends, your children.

Of course, your soulmate could also be your husband, wife or partner.

Even within the romantic realm of soulmates, you still have MANY, and you can call upon them at any time

So, if you have been married or in a relationship and it didn’t work out, don’t worry – there really is plenty more fish in the sea!  You just need to learn how to call them in and be visible to them!


When Is Best Time to Manifest a Soulmate?

If you are trying to manifest for a soulmate, it’s a good idea to manifest for your most compatible soulmate.

The best time to manifest a soulmate is actually when you are happy with yourself, you love yourself (not in an egotistical way), and you value yourself.

If you manifest a soulmate before you are happy with yourself, you will end up attracting people that will be reminding you all about the stuff that you are unhappy with.


And how can this play out for you?

As abusive relationships or narcissistic relationships.  You will attract the wrong kind of people who are unwilling to commit to you, may cheat on you, manipulate you, and all sorts of drama…why?

Because on a soul level, they are teaching you to have more self-love, self-worth and value and be more self-compassionate.


Here are 5 Steps You Can Do To Manifest A Soulmate


1) Respect Yourself

Here’s the thing, people around you will mirror back to you the way that you feel about yourself.

So, if you have any hang-ups on the way you see yourself, you can be sure they will be reflected back at you by others.

If you find this step difficult, and a lot of us do, then get some help and support from others.

Practice saying no to others without feeling guilty.  Put yourself at the top of your priorities list for a change!

When you start to respect and honour yourself and your own needs, you will discover that others will follow suit.


2) Self-Care

Leading on from the last point, making time for self-indulgence and self-care is important.

Investing time in activities that make you relax, bring you joy and support your own growth will seriously accelerate your path to success in everything that you do.

That includes in your work, relationships, in your health and well-being.


3) Heal Past Hurts and Blocks

Sometimes we all fall victim to the pain and suffering of our past. But when you do that, you simply lower your vibration, and then attract lower-vibrational people and experiences into your life.

Instead of focusing on the bad, learn from your past experiences and move on.  Don’t dwell on the negatives.

Sometimes, there are deep emotional wounds that are difficult to shift on your own.  Get the support that you need to help in healing and releasing these.

As a Soul Coach, I often help my clients with releasing the need to hold onto the pain and suffering of the past.  Using a vast array of tools, techniques and meditation, I am able to support my clients in a gentle, yet powerful way, so they can resolve any trauma from the past and move forward.

This not only releases you from being energetically chained to the past and bringing the past into your current relationships, it also empowers you to take back the control and regain your own personal power.


4) Get Clear, Visualise and Manifest!

Get really clear on what kind of a soulmate you want to manifest.

Journal it all and ensure that you write in present tense.  Focus on all the good feelings you will be experiencing with your beloved.

Describe as much detail as you can, using your imagination.

Have fun with it!


5) Take Inspired Action

It is no good just knowing what you want, following all the steps above and waiting for something to happen.  Whilst you must have an element of detachment and the faith that everything is working out for you, you must also take some inspired action.

So, that might mean signing up to a dating agency, talking to your friends and family for their help in looking for your soulmate.

It may be following your intuition and listening to that inner voice if it is guiding you to go into a shop or place you wouldn’t normally go…the man (or woman) of your dreams may just be waiting inside for you!


So, are you ready to take some action that will help you to magnetise your ideal soulmate relationship easily, effortlessly and with joy and laughter?




If you want some one-to-one support in clearing your blocks, healing past traumas, clearing your limiting beliefs and rapidly creating positive shifts in your love life and relationships, book in a session with me now.

Say YES to yourself and give yourself the permission to manifest your dream soulmate relationship and create your dream lifestyle!