Ever wondered why the things you desire are always out of your reach, no matter how hard you try to achieve them?


Maybe it’s the same old issue that keeps cropping up again and again, and leaves you feeling stuck and frustrated.


Have you ever noticed a pattern in your life, where you come across a problem, take steps to remedy it, and you still never really create the results that you hoped?


Sometimes, it can feel like it’s an endless cycle that can leave you feeling frustrated, defeated and drained.

Maybe you have already done so much inner work on it, and possibly even continue to do so…and yet, it loops back around again just as you thought that you’ve finally shifted things!


Sound familiar?


One thing that I do know, is that the actions you take directly correlate with the life you are creating.

So, think of an area you feel stuck with…maybe it’s your health, your finances, relationships or career…or all of them!

Just notice what actions that you have taken to get to that stage.

Most people don’t even consciously think about the actions they take on a daily basis. Actions become so habitual, that you aren’t even aware of them for the most part.

And yet, you are where you are in your life because of the actions that you took in the past.

So, if you are facing challenges in your life and are ready to change this now, something has to give.

If you keep taking the same action, or repeating the same habits, you will create more of what you already have.

Every action that you take (and the ones that you aren’t taking!) creates a different future.  


Let’s break down what may be occuring for you that keeps you stuck in this loop…


1) Not Taking The Action Required to Create What You Desire


It may be that you just aren’t taking any action.

Most people work really hard in creating a positive mindset, doing the inner work and use various tools and techniques to clear their energy.

This is GREAT, and can really support you in creating your desires with more ease.

AND, what I know from the work that I do with clients, is that the number one reason they fail to create what they work so hard for, is that they are simply not taking action.

They are so focused on the inner work, shifting their mindset and energy, that they lose sight of that fact that there is physical action that may be required to bring that desire or goal into fruition.

Where are you hoping, praying, meditating your way out of things?

Please know that there is nothing wrong with doing all that – but, some action that supports all the inner work may be required to actually achieve the goals.


2) Taking Action for the Sake of It


How many of you have read books, attended events or listened to talks that have inspired you?

You hear the person share their story and you see all the challenges they overcame to have the very thing that you also desire in your life.  

Perhaps you even start to follow what they did to achieve that.

What usually happens next?

Have you ever set about looking at how they achieved their success, and maybe even following how they did it?

Again, there’s nothing wrong with this.  Unless the steps that you are taking aren’t actually aligned with YOU.

The reason most people give up on or never achieve that goal or desire, even if they have followed everything to a tee, is because they are taking action for the sake of it.

Taking action because that was what you were taught you had to do to get the result you wanted.

Taking action because someone else, an “expert” tells you that is the way to get what you desire.

Taking action because you are mimicking what worked for someone else.

This all constitutes taking action for the sake of it.

It lacks the energy behind it to make that action consistent enough.  It prevents you from really building up the momentum that is required for you to have the success that you seek.

3)  Taking the Same Action That Worked For You Previously


Have you ever been in a situation where you have already had some success in the area you wish to change, and you would now like to create even more and expand upon your success?

Maybe you were looking for a life partner and you found someone, and now you would like to have an even deeper, more fulfilling relationship.

Perhaps you have achieved your target for your monthly income and now would like to expand on that and have even more.

The most common thing that holds people back from achieving their next level of success, is that they take the same action that worked before.

What has worked for you to achieve the success in the past is not necessarily what will help you to get to the next level of success.

On the contrary, if you have already achieved some degree of success and are repeating the same actions that helped you get there in the first place, you can actually get stuck in a holding pattern.  

You can only reach the same level of success with those same actions.

You may have to review the actions you have been taking.

It may be that the actions simply require a little tweaking, or that you need to add onto them.

A slight tweak can shift everything up a gear, so that you can plough forward in creating your heart’s desires a lot faster and with less stress and struggle.

Every action that you take creates a different future.  


You are where you are in your life because of the actions that you took in the past.

So, if you are facing challenges in your life and are ready to change this now, something has to give.

If you keep taking the same action, or repeating the same habits, you will create more of what you already have.


What if there was a different possibility in HOW you are setting your goals?


A way that actually made it a lot easier and way more fun to take the action and implement the changes?


If you could expand beyond the challenges you face, and transform them into something you would really LOVE to have in your life instead, what could you create in your life then?


If you are ready to set aside the traditional goal-setting and action-taking that you have been taught, and are ready for a new way of doing things to bring you more ease, then this is your invite to booking in a call with me to discuss how this can work for YOU.


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What action can you take today that will create the future that you desire?