You can seriously improve your life by tapping into your own intuition and inner guidance.

Every one of us has this ability.


Intuition can be described as that innate animal instinct that allows us, as a species, to survive.


Over years of evolution, we rely less and less on this ability.

We have started to rely heavily on machines and computers to predict and communicate things for us, thereby dampening our intuitive abilities.

As a result, we lose the faith and trust in our own gut feelings, often second guessing ourselves and then regretting it, as we realise that our initial instinct was right!

Imagine what life would look like if you could tap into and fully trust your own intuition?

Just think how much easier it would be to make BETTER decisions in ALL areas of your life…be it in business, your relationships, about your healthfinances, or personal growth and development.


What if I told you that this was entirely possible for you?


Some of you may already be aware of your intuition and using it already in your life…but just imagine if you could supercharge this gift and be even more accurate!

Every single one of us is born with the gift of intuition.

Think back to a time in your life, where your “gut instinct” was telling you something and it turned out to be true.  That was your intuition!

The thing about intuition is, that it’s like a muscle.  The more your train and use it, the stronger it gets.

Some people are very tapped in and tuned into their inner guidance, whereas others struggle with it.


Why Are Some People More Tuned Into Their Intuition Than Others?

It’s all to do with your subconscious blocks or fears.

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The subconscious mind is fascinating and it’s job is to keep us alive, safe and protected.

To do it’s job, it creates beliefs programmes.  However, some of the subconscious beliefs created by the mind may actually be blocking or limiting you in your life, and preventing you from the success, love and abundance that you are truly after.

In the webinar, multi award-winning Holistic Health Therapist, ThetaHealing® Practitioner and Instructor, Raspreet Sagoo, will discuss how to identify these beliefs, where they are held and how to release them, so that they can be re-framed into positive and empowering beliefs to create rapid, positive shifts in every area of your life.



So, why would you want to increase your intuition, anyway?


1) Makes decision making so much easier!

The most obvious thing is that it would make life a lot simpler if you knew which decision would give you the best outcome.

Imagine tuning into your inner radar when getting into a relationship, or finding a partner or even clients in business, deciding whether an opportunity is going to be good for you, or to leave it well alone…the possibilities are endless.

Tapping into your intuition is like having your very own personal guidance system, giving you the right answers as and when you need them, on your demand!  What’s not to like about that?!


2) It allows you to tune into your own inner gifts and abilities

We all have innate gifts, abilities and passions.  Something we would LOVE to do, and are really good at.  But often, these get supressed in the rat race of life, and you end up struggling to get by, often embarking on careers that are not your real passions, simply because you want to make ends meet.

But imagine if you could untap hidden gifts or talents, or discover new passions, that would not only give you an outflow for your creative talents, but also give you a sense of purpose and even an extra possible income stream!

Tapping into your own intuition allows you to really dive deep and explore and discover your deepest desires and passions.


3) It gives you direction in life and allows you to fulfil your full potential

When you learn to tune into your intuition and trust it, you will find yourself being presented with opportunities that you would never had imagined for yourself.

The added advantage is that you can now suss out whether an opportunity will be good for you, so you can pick and choose only the ones that will give you the best results for you!

There are numerous benefits of learning to harness the power of your intuition, and these are just a few.

The more blocks and fears that you clear surrounding your ability to focus and use your inner guidance, the more accurate and powerful your gift gets.


Embark on Your Journey to Harness the Power of YOUR Intuition


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– supercharge your intuitive abilities so that you can perform body scans to see what’s going on in the body

– work with the highest Source energy to heal

– clear any negative energy and emotions on all levels (mind, body, and soul) to raise your vibration

– clear any blocks in using your intuitive and psychic abilities

– open yourself to your hidden spiritual gifts and talents

– enhance your spiritual and personal development and growth

– clear your own beliefs that prevent you from having a successful life, business, perfect health, financial abundance, loving and strong relationships and a successful career


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