The Secret To Building And Maintaining A Happy, Successful And Healthy Relationship

How Do You Get a Balance, Happy, Healthy Relationship?


Everyone wants a happy, successful and healthy relationship.  To achieve this, there has to be the right balance and blend of love, trust, respect and support. But how do you achieve this?

The actual key to success in a happy relationship is spending time to continually grow and nurture it. People think that after you reach a certain stage, you don’t need to work on the relationship anymore.

In actual fact, even the healthiest and happiest relationships require a lot of attention, nurturing and growth.

So, making sure you invest your time and energy to try to find ways to improve and strengthen your relationships is vital. This will enable you to have more happy, healthy, successful and fulfilling relationships.

During the course of a relationship, the initial spark may have fizzled out somewhat, and you may well find yourself longing to go back to that point in your relationship when you felt that you had that special someone.  You want to rekindle that spark and feeling of your heart racing in their presence.

Maybe you want to go back to the feeling where you wanted and rather enjoyed spending all hours God sends with that person, just being their presence.

Or you may find yourself looking around you, seeing others all happily in love, friends getting engaged and moving in together, while you are alone or struggling to take your relationship to the next level.


So how can you get that balanced, healthy, happy relationship?


Here are 3 key things to focus on that will help you to improve the quality of your relationship:


1. Love yourself

When you don’t love yourself, you tend to look for other people to fulfil this basic human need.  You therefore, you give away your power.

This can be detrimental in relationships because if you feel that your needs are not being met by your partner, it causes friction between you.  This eventually impacts adversely on the relationship.

Loving yourself does not mean being selfish or arrogant. It means taking time for self-care and doing the things that you love.  

You must allow yourself to take the time that you need to nurture yourself.

It also means letting go of being self-critical. Stop focusing on your flaws, and look at the things you love instead.

You should take some inspired action to remedy things that you don’t like and would like to change.

If you find yourself complaining about being too fat or unfit, for example, do something loving yet constructive about it – get some exercise, but don’t just join a gym for the sake of losing weight.

Do activities that you love to do. It may not be a rigorous gym routine that floats your boat, but maybe a brisk walk in the local park might be better.

Whatever activity you pick, make sure you actually enjoy it otherwise, you will just build up resentment at having to do it, and this is where you will start to fall down in continuing it on a regular basis.


2. Communication

Communicating with each other is vital for a healthy relationship. This is about communicating with love, compassion, ease and understanding.

Tell your partner what you need or what you are feeling as you feel it, rather than waiting and bottling it up for it to blow up like a volcano at the smallest of triggers.

Communication in relationships is not just about expressing your needs only. Equally as important is listening to your partner when they are trying to express themselves and really taking on board what they are trying to say.

Sometimes, communication can be an issue, especially depending on your upbringing and life experiences.

If you were reprimanded as a child when you tried to communicate or make your feelings heard, it can cause challenges with how you tend to communicate, or even receive and respond to others’ way of communicating with you.

For this, you may need to seek help with a professional to delve into the root causes of why you may have challenges or blocks in communicating or being understood by others.

ThetaHealing® is a great tool for this, because it gets to the root cause of the issues to create a fast, permanent shift (see below for more information).


3. Trust and Honesty

Your beloved is the person that you spend the most time with, the one person that loves you like no other can, so another key element in a healthy relationship is trust and honesty.

To achieve this, you must create a safe environment for each partner to be able to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences, without feeling like they will be judged or criticised. It can take time and a lot of effort to build this, but it is definitely worth spending
the time on this if you want to build a solid, loving relationship.

People tend to find issues with trust filter in when they have had past experiences where their trust has been abused.

Old traumas, painful experiences and sometimes issues of abuse can put a massive block on having total trust and honesty within their relationships.

Relationships are always a work in progress and require continual work and effort to help them to develop and strengthen, but that work and effort should not feel like a chore, and if both parties put their fair share into it, you will have a very successful relationship.

If you are able to have all these 3 key elements in place, your relationship will flourish and grow.


So, how can I help redress the balance of these key elements to bring harmony into your relationship?


As a medical intuitive, award-winning holistic health practitioner and relationship expert, I combine my background in medicinal health and energy healing as a medical intuitive.  

I can intuitively read and scan your energy field and see what is going on for you.  This allows me to pick up on energy blocks or limiting belief systems you have in allowing more love and harmony in your relationships.

Having dealt with people who have suffered different forms of abuse, break-ups and other past experiences that stop them from having their dream relationship, I have plenty of experience and expertise in these areas.

In my sessions, together, we uncover the deep root issues, which are often held at a subconscious level. Many times, my clients have not even been aware that they are holding onto these issues, but have felt immediate shifts after the sessions.

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