5 Steps To Move Forward from Heartbreak and Find True Love

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What Physiologically Happens After a Heartbreak?


Moving on from heartbreak is hard enough, without the new formed fear entering a new relationship or ever finding true love again.

Statistics have shown that being in love actually causes a physiological response.  The pleasure centre in the brain is triggered  this is what makes us feel good.  It also explains the feeling of euphoria, positivity and optimism release we experience when we are in a loving relationship.


Having your heart broken can cause a downward spiral of emotions, and we can even experience a physical ache, similar to what happens during withdrawal in addictions.


Have you ever experienced this black fog of emotions, that awful feeling that your heart has actually been smashed into pieces?

Heartbreak can feel like there is so much hurt that you feel like it is a physical pain in your heart.

The overwhelming hurt, loneliness, and sorrow, seems to cause this internal pressure.  Your chest feels tight and like it is in a vice and even breathing can become a struggle.

These are just some of the common psycho-somatic symptoms one can experience when going through heartache.

This is a trauma that many will console you and say “time heals all wounds”.  But when you’re suffering from heartache, it doesn’t seem like any length of time will ever heal this deep trauma that has hit the very core of your being.

The grief, hurt, loss and rejection can cause a lack of trust for future relationships.  And if you are brave enough to get into another relationship, you almost seem to expect the same thing from happening.  You over-analyse everything in the relationship.  So essentially, you set yourself up for a fall.


How can you move past this hurt and find true love?


1)  Break out of unhealthy patterns

 Make changes in your life and stop obsessing about your ex.  Delete their number, social media contacts and any other form of communication that you may have had with them.

Create some space and healthy boundaries so that you can gain more clarity and focus on what you do want in a relationship.


2)  Exercise and get some fresh air

Getting yourself moving will help you shift the stagnant, depressive energy into something positive.  Do a short burst of cardiovascular exercise that gets your heart pumping.  Biochemically, the body will release the feel-good hormones which help to elevate your mood.

Another added bonus is that you will be getting in great shape, which will further boost your self-confidence, and will help you to look forward to the future and get unstuck from dwelling in the past.

Having a walk in the forest or on the beach, out in the fresh open air will help you to re-focus and ground your energy.  If you can’t get too far out in nature, take a walk in the local park or even your back garden.


3)  Review the way you feel about yourself

Become more conscious with the way you talk to yourself or about yourself.  Negative self-talk can be very damaging.

We all do it! Without even thinking, we often flippantly say “I’m so stupid” or “I’m such an idiot”.  As soon as you catch yourself in a negative statement, cancel and delete it there and then!

Simply by saying out loud “cancel that” and re-affirm what you want instead.  For example, “I am kind”, “I am intelligent”, “I am resourceful”.  My trick is to try to use the opposite to the negative word I have just used to describe myself.

The more you do this, the easier it becomes.  Soon, you will slowly break out of the habit of negative self-talk.

When you start to re-affirm all the positives about yourself, your confidence will naturally soar.  You will be able to attract the right kind of person into your life.  The truth is, the people and situations you attract into your life, are a reflection of how you feel about yourself.


Keep that self-talk uplifting and positive!


4)  Have absolute faith that there is someone out there just waiting to find someone exactly like YOU.

This can be easier said than done, but it is just a simple case of trusting that there just IS someone there, waiting and looking for someone just like you!

Try some positive affirmations like “I am lovable”, “there is love all around me”, “I easily attract an abundance of love into my life”, “I am visible to my true love”.

Repeat these daily and with conviction.


5)  Change your thoughts and mindset

So here’s the thing…you can do everything else right but if you’re subconsciously programmed to believe that love hurts, or that true love always ends in tragedy, you will forever be self-sabotaging your chance at finding true love.

This may come in the form of a pattern of one bad relationship after another, or you running in the other direction whenever something or someone good comes your way.

Your beliefs may be ancient beliefs, that you may be consciously oblivious to.  They may be inherited from your family, or beliefs you may be unconsciously created through past experiences in your life.

Changing those negative beliefs into positive and empowering beliefs is the key factor to creating permanent, quick and positive shifts in your life.


Are You Ready to Move Forward From a Broken Heart?

Imagine waking up feeling light, free, happy and optimistic about your future…with your faith and belief in true love restored.

Imagine finally being able to move on with your life and attract more opportunities to meet your true love.

How would you like to be able to move on from that broken heart and swinging between depression over the past and the anxiety or fear of never finding your true love?

If you’re ready now to be fully supported to heal your broken heart, release the pain and grief, bring in more love, joy and happiness into your life, and break out of the cycle of depression and anxiety and clear your fear of relationships, heal and transform your mindset, book in a session with me.


Stop waiting and start doing…tranform your life and overcome those adversities with ease and grace!


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