Embrace Your Core Wounds: Manifestation Beyond Healing

In a world filled with well-meaning advice about healing our wounds before we manifest our dreams, it’s time to break free from this limiting and dismissive narrative. 

Let’s dive into the empowering truth: 

You don’t have to completely heal from all your wounds to manifest your desires. 

In the work that I do with my clients, one of the energy language tools I love to use to facilitate them is astrology.

In astrology, the Chiron wound is often seen as a symbol of our deepest hurts – it’s our core wounds.

Those are wounds you carry with you over your lifetime that you may never completely heal from.  They’re always there, in the background.  They’re the things that often come up repeatedly, no matter how much inner work and healing you’ve already done.

This wound holds the key to understanding how acknowledging rather than “fixing” can fuel your manifestation journey.

The Myth of Absolute Healing: Unveiling the Truth

The prevailing idea that we must first heal every wound BEFORE it is possible for us to achieve our dreams is like waiting for all the stars to align before setting sail. 

Or like waking up at 5 am to clean the whole house before the cleaner is due at 9 am because you don’t want others judging you for your untidy home!

It’s absurd, right? Yet, so many of us adopt this mentality when approaching our transformational journey in the quest to manifest our desired future.

Let’s remember Chiron’s tale – his wound persisted, but it was his journey through it that made him wise and empowered. 

Similarly, we can harness the energy of our Chiron wound, acknowledging its presence without demanding complete healing.

Dismantling the Harmful Narrative

Mainstream manifesting often intersects with self-development and healing communities, propagating the notion that only a perfectly healed individual can manifest. 

This narrative erases the beauty of imperfection and reinforces the culture of toxic positivity that promotes ideologies like:

… a constant smile masking our authentic feelings.

… reaching for a more “positive” emotion (and thereby dismissing, minimising or totally bypassing what you are actually feeling about something or someone.

Being positive all the time is actually unnatural and unhealthy. “Good vibes only” is also unnatural and unhealthy.

Being able to connect with how you feel right NOW is healing.

Acknowledging the real-life limitations you face is part of healing.

Toxic positivity and “good vibes only” culture mask the things you may need to actually take care of to create the change you keep asking for!

 It’s time to see through this illusion and embrace the wholeness that comes with both wounds and dreams.

Living in the Paradox: Nurturing Dreams While Navigating Wounds

Embarking on a journey of manifesting dreams and working on core wounds can run side by side, much like two rivers converging.

It’s a paradox whereby you can acknowledge what your wounds are and work on them but still understand that you can be a hot mess and still manifest what you desire! 

Our wounds don’t need to be fully resolved to make progress towards our desires, contrary to the narrative that mainstream manifesting tends to push.

By acknowledging your core wounds (looking at your Chiron sign will indicate what this is for you), we can harness its transformative energy, drawing wisdom and power from it.

Toxic Positivity and Spiritual Gaslighting: The Shadows We Can’t Ignore

The traps of toxic positivity and spiritual gaslighting emerge as dark clouds on our transformational journey. 

Society’s pressure to “just be positive” can overshadow the lessons of our core wounds. 

Spiritual bypassing whispers that healing is instant, detouring us from the depths of our authentic feelings. Humans are complex creatures… There is no linear path to healing, nor are there black-and-white areas when it comes to your emotions.

The mainstream manifesting ideology of one-size-fits-all methods of manifesting creates the illusion that there is something wrong with you if you are using the methods and not yielding the results.

This further perpetuates the compulsion to look for something wrong about you, shame yourself, internalise more shame and then find ways to fix yourself. It’s an endless loop that many get stuck in.

Can you see how this can harm a person in the long run?

This is exactly the type of thing we are dismantling in Translate because it’s high time we realise that it’s not YOU that is the problem here, it is the fact that the manifesting teachings have been twisted to benefit only those with more privilege…

… which means that an entire population of people are completely overlooked.

Let’s recognise these shadows and rise above, reclaim our narrative and embrace the richness of our LIVED experiences.

It’s time to revolutionise manifesting and design our own unique methodology that accounts for our individual energetic signature, our cultural imprinting, our unique and innate gifts and talents as well as our core wounds and the delicacy with which those must be handled.

Embrace Your Core Wound: A New Manifestation Paradigm

Dear seeker, if there’s one thing you take from this, let it be this: 

You are not bound by the chains of needing to be perfectly healed before actualising your desires. 

The core wounds remind us that healing is a journey, not a destination. 

It’s a beacon of authenticity that empowers us to embrace the dual journey of both healing and manifestation.

As you tread this path, have the courage to challenge the harmful narratives that hinder your growth. 

Question what is the popular narrative and check in with yourself to see if that is true for you (you’ll know by the pure fact that if it’s true, it will be working for you!).

Embrace your wounds as stepping stones, not stumbling blocks. 

Your dreams are waiting, and you have the power to manifest them, core wounds and all.

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Remember, the journey is yours, and every step is a testament to your strength and authenticity. 

Happy creating!