Have you ever had the experience of being hit by an unexpected bill that you hadn’t budgeted for, and then having that “oh s*#!t” moment?

Or you have a project or assignment due and you had every intention that this time, you’d get it done in plenty of time… 

… and yet, you find yourself in the familiar position of frantically putting it all together at the speed of space, at the last possible minute?

And after all the drama that ensues, somehow, it all works out… usually.

Then you think, “never again!” and vow to have a plan in place so you aren’t in that same position again.

But sure enough, after a little while, there you are again, in panic mode and frantically fire-fighting your way through life again.

Please tell me it’s not just me that has experienced this!


Why does it take some sort of heightened drama for
many of us to pull out the stops and create what
we are truly capable of creating?


It’s simple, really.

There is some form of pay off.

It’s kinda like the hit an addict would get from whatever addiction he or she had in place.

And much like an addict, there’s 3 layers to this addiction:

The 3 layers To Addiction

  1. The energetic addiction to the pattern or conditioning
  2. The physiological addiction to the bodily responses that occur physically each time this happens
  3. The psychological and emotional pay off that occurs during or after each episode.

Let’s explore these a little further.

1. The Energetic Addiction

Everything is energy and energy is everything. 

Therefore, you are energy – every little cell, molecule and atom that makes you up is energy. 

As this big, walking, talking giant ball of energy, you have a specific vibrational signature that you are broadcasting all the time. 

Even if you’re not cognitively aware of this. 

Sometimes, the energetic addiction to thoughts, feelings or emotions of a lower vibrational energy, solidify in the energetic field that surrounds you. 

This means that even if you’re doing everything you “should” be doing, somewhere in your energetic field, is an energy that matches that of lack, fear or limitation. 

So, you may experience some improvement and get happy with your progress, only for this pattern to show up again later on. 

You literally have made this a part of your energy field – it’s become your identity and when you try to change it, it’s like you lose your sense of identity so subconsciously, you invite that energy back!


2. The Physiological Addiction 

Your energy influences your physical body and being, as well as your external environment.

You have an electromagnetic field that runs through your body and around it. 

Your body actually responds to your emotional state. 

Furthermore, if you go long enough living in stress, there are biochemicals that are released within your body. 

Your adrenals kick in, causing the release of adrenaline, which affects your heart rate, your hormones and all sorts of other feedback systems in the body. 

It becomes a physical addiction! 

Much like a drug addict, your body gets used to this level of stress so requires a bigger hit of it as time goes by. 

And this may contribute to people creating situations in their lives that cause them to be stressed out in some way. 

Whether that’s an unexpected bill, a loved on that lets you down, losing a job out of nowhere, not finding your soulmate even though you’ve tried and tried, or running out of time for a project!

3. The Psychological and Emotional Addiction

The payoff here is the feeling of satisfaction when you pull through whatever drama you have subconsciously created. 

How does it feel when you manage to create the money to pay off that bill JUST in time? 

How awesome is it to complete that project in record time and hand it in? 

You see what I mean? 

It becomes an addition to just getting by through the skin of your teeth!

This ties in with the physiological addiction in that when you get the satisfaction of JUST pulling through, and getting it done, your body releases feel-good hormones and the pleasure centre in the brain is activated.

It gives a feeling of euphoria, accomplishment and satisfaction.

So, you become addicted to the hit of all these emotions.

At the same time, a lot of people also get so used to functioning from never having enough – whether it’s not enough time, money, love or whatever other lack that drives them.

So that further consolidates this patterning.  And when you operate from this space on a daily basis, it becomes a part of who you ARE and how you show up in the world.

And while all that’s BRILLIANT, because it seems that you do somehow manage to create miracles and get by…

… how exhausting is it? Especially if you’ve been doing it all your life!

Can you see how you then NEED to create lack or some form of drama and trauma to be motivated to create what you truly desire?

So, people get trapped in this weird cycle of pain, struggle and strife and they base their ability to create from THAT space.

It becomes a case of just treading water, so you’re just about surviving, rather than thriving.

It becomes about creating “just enough to get by” rather than plenty to do what you desire.

You tend to neglect creating your future, because you’re too busy fire-fighting your present.

It keeps you stuck to only creating in the here and now, which is usually fuelled by the lack, struggle and strife, because that’s what has motivated you to take some action in the first place!

What if there was a different possibility here?

Let me invite you to consider an entirely different approach to creating your desired future…

… an approach based on a space of love, joy, fun, ease, gratitude.

If you knew how to shift your energy to THIS space and create from here, what could you create?

To break these addictions, something has to change.

Like an addict, simply removing yourself from the environment alone is likely not enough to take away the craving.


3 Things That Can Start Shifting These Addictions,
So You Can Be On Your Way To Freedom
To Create Greater and With More Ease:


1. Receive Support 

Especially from people who know how to help you through the early days of transition 

Receive support from people that you trust, who have your back and who also have the expertise to create more ease as you drop off the old addictions and go through the “cravings”.

It’s vital that you allow yourself to be supported at this time, as it’s so easy to dip back into the old habits and addictions at the beginning.

2. Surround Yourself With A Community Of People Also Creating Change

This makes the process more fun, much easier AND you actually have people that truly understand your journey and can relate to you.  

This can be such a comfort as you make the changes.

As you hang out with people who are also improving their lives and letting go of their past crappy programming to step into a new, better life and living, you form deep connections.

Often these will be the people that will continue the journey with you, share your successes, celebrate your wins with you and buoy your faith when you lose it, so you don’t derail.

When you have a good, solid community of reliable people also going through the same process, it’s easier to stay focused and connected to progressing, even when the sneaky self-sabotage creeps in!

3. Change How You Are Showing Up In The World

Start showing up completely differently in your life, at the level of your mind, body and spirit. 

This may look like:

  • changing your mindset
  • doing the inner, energetic work
  • tapping into your own intuition
  • learning how to trust yourself more
  • setting appropriate boundaries
  • having powerful conversations
  • taking action that is aligned with YOU and generates results

At this stage, you want to be breaking away from old habits and adopting new ones to sustain your progress on a long term basis.

When you do this, you will start creating your desired future from a space of possibility, joy, and fun rather than struggle, pain or lack.


How Can YOU Break Out of These Addictions, So You Can Create Your Desired Future?

1) Think about what you’d like to create in your life the next 3 months.

What experiences? What things?  

Notice any patterns that show up for you with having those desires… they are likely your “addictions”.

2) Take some time to physically write these intentions down.  

Doing so activates your subconscious mind and brings it into your conscious awareness, which can help you to make it seem like more of a possibility.

When you move into the energy of POSSIBILITY, then it’s much more likely that you will move forward with taking the action to make it your reality!

Apply the tips I have shared in this blog and I wonder what is possible for you?


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