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By clearing negative emotions, you can heal yourself of many diseases and disorders of the mind and body.

Your feelings and emotions can have a serious impact on your health.

The way that you are feeling, whether it is about yourself, your body or even just in general, influences you on a physical level.


The Science Behind It


What Are Feelings and Emotions?

An emotion can be described as our individual perception of an experience or circumstance.  

Emotions are very subjective, and every individual will have different perceptions of the same experience or circumstance.

The perception of this energy of the experience is what triggers a feeling.

There are studies to show that different emotions have different frequencies on an electromagnetic scale.

The science behind it is that low energy has low frequency and long wavelength. High energy has high frequency and short wavelength.

Our very cells vibrate with energy, so essentially, we are just a giant ball of energy.  

Therefore, we are constantly sending out energetic signals (or frequencies), based on our emotions.

There are high frequency emotions and low frequency emotions.

High Frequency Emotions


Low Frequency Emotions









These lower frequency emotions start to build up over time, causing a physiological change in the body. 

On a cellular level, these negative emotions can become toxins.  The toxins build up over time and go on to damage and destroy tissues and organs in the body.  

This can then cause diseases or disorders in the body.


Here are 3 Ways You Can Clean Up the Negative Emotions to Heal Yourself:


1) Check in with How You Feel and Allow Your Emotions to Flow Freely

It is surprising how many of us are disconnected with ourselves.  Sometimes, you need to remind yourself to check in with how you are actually feeling.

And if there are negative emotions that come up for you, allow them to flow freely instead of pretending they’re not there and repressing them.

This can be easier said than done.  It is not always possible or appropriate to air your emotions as and when you feel them.

To clear out the lower frequency emotions, you do need to find a healthy way to release them.

It can help to journal the emotions or talk to a trusted person about what you are feeling.


2) Be WILLING to Let Negative Emotions and Feelings Go

Some emotions run so deep, that talking, or journalling alone isn’t sufficient to release them.

The only thing that you can do here is to be WILLING to let go of anything that no longer serves you.

In this instance, it’s more beneficial to release them in their energetic form.

This is something I do with my clients using Emotional Release Therapy and through ThetaHealing® sessions very successfully.

Repressed emotions from a long time ago often come up through these sessions and the client leaves feeling immediately uplifted, happier and lighter.

Click Here to book your session now.


3) Shift Your Attitude and Work Up the Emotional Scale

When you feel low, think of one thing in your life that you have to be grateful for.

It could be your children, your pet, even a favourite item of clothing or jewellery. It can be ANYTHING that you’re glad you have in your life.

As you focus on the good, you will attract more thoughts that make you feel good and you will elevate your mood and if you continue this process for a while, you will notice positive shifts in your health!

The more you clear yourself from the negative emotions and lower frequencies, the higher your frequency will rise.  

The higher your frequency, the happier you feel, and this in turn, releases hormones and chemicals in the body which help boost the immune system and aid with the repair of damaged tissues and cells.


Illness or Disease Is a Message From Your Body

The way you feel impacts the thoughts that you think, and your thoughts create your reality.

Illness or disease is just your body’s way of trying to communicate something to you that you’ve been ignoring.

Your body is designed to support you, but when it’s not “working” as well as you’d like, it’s easy to start to resent it.

The more anger, resentment and frustration you have about your illness, disease or bodily discomfort, the worse you make the ailment.

Whether it’s a minor headache, allergies or a “serious” disease or disorder, tune into your emotional wellbeing to see what messages your very intelligent body has for you.

As soon as you take heed of these messages and guidance, you can start to heal yourself.


How Can I Help?

With my many years’ experience as a Pharmacist, I have a wealth of knowledge and understanding on conventional medicine.

As a multi-award-winning Holistic Health Therapist, I love diving deep into the subconscious minds of my clients to see what emotions and feelings are impacting their health and well-being, so that we can work together to bring about the relief they seek from their condition.  

I work in conjunction with their current medical regime, and support their existing medical treatments and advice to bring about rapid shifts in their health.

If you want some expert support with connecting with your body and understanding the messages it’s trying to tell you through disease or disorder in the body, book in a session with me.

I also teach ThetaHealing® courses to empower you for life to be able to do the work and heal yourself.

So, enrol on a course and begin your journey to self-discovery and start to heal your mind, body and soul.


Start to transform your mind, body and emotions to create the perfect balance, health and well-being for you!

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