The Secret To Attracting and Keeping The Perfect Soulmate Relationship

What Is a Soulmate Relationship?

A soulmate relationship is a unique connection you have with somebody.  The perfect soulmate relationship involves mutual love, respect, support and trust.  A true soulmate will grow as you grow, and your love for one another evolves and develops.

Now that the New Year is over, it’s time to go through the usual New Year, New YOU routine…right?

It’s a tradition, it must be followed – well that’s what we tell ourselves every year!  Starting with the diet, signing up with the gym, pledging to drink litres of water (to compensate for the over indulgence over Christmas and New Year’s), maybe try a juice detox then BAM, before you know it’s Valentine’s day!

Fabulous! Yet another reminder that you are single or in a troubled relationship.  Another day for the world to rub it in your face how alone and miserable you are, just in case you had forgotten!  It wasn’t bad enough that all your friends got engaged over the holidays! All those loved up couples…sigh…

Don’t you wish you had that special someone? 

That one person who makes your heart race so fast it feels like it’s going to leap out of your chest?!  The person who knows exactly what to say or do to make a miserable day better?  They know exactly when to bring out the chocolate or a glass of wine?

Or perhaps you want to take your relationship to the next level…engagement, moving in, marriage or even children…how can you do this effortlessly, without any drama?

How amazing would it be if ONE of your New Year’s resolution became a reality?  Finding true love!  Yes, I know it sounds corny!  But you know what?  I know you are fed up of being the third wheel, gooseberry or whatever you want to call it!

How in the world can this be achieved?  I’ll let you in on a little secret…


3 Magic Ingredients To A Successful Soulmate Relationship:


  1. Knowing who you are and your worth

  2. Knowing exactly what you want in your partner

  3. Being open to receiving love and harmony into your life

Yup, it’s that easy!  Well that’s just dandy, if it was that easy then why aren’t you happily in love already?  The simple reason is because we aren’t always completely honest with ourselves.

Sometimes, there is just that negative energy, past hurts and rejections that we cling onto energetically, without even consciously being aware of it!


How Can I Help You?

As an award-winning holistic health practitioner, soul coach, relationship expert and someone who has found their perfect soulmate relationship, I have the tools, experience and the expertise to help.  

I can identify and release any blocks, hurts and negative energy that you may be holding onto unknowingly which prevent you from finding your true love and have the perfect soulmate connection you’ve always desired.

Click below to book in a session with me and get the help, support and guidance to get you unstuck, claim your dream relationship and open yourself up to receiving more love, harmony, abundance and success in your life and relationships.

Imagine being able to overcome your challenges with ease and grace and create the life you dream about…you could have it all NOW!  

Imagine meeting the love of your life, growing and developing a meaningful, loving and supportive soulmate connection and going on an adventure together to share life’s magical moments together.

Why wait for this to happen by chance?  Why not empower yourself to create it NOW?!

If you are ready for magical journey of transformation, to fulfil all your wildest dreams and bag a soulmate relationship as well, book your ThetaHealing® session and let the magic begin.


Set yourself free from bad relationships and start your very own love story!



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