Most people wait until they are faced with some form of adversity, problem or a challenge in life before they decide something has to change.

For a lot of people, it’s only when facing pain or suffering which prompts them to really dig deep and choose to change things.


What if there was another possibility?


What if you didn’t have to wait for the shit to hit the fan before you decided to do something that can expand your life and living?

Maybe you have some challenges in your life right now…and maybe you don’t.

Either way, it’s YOU that gets to decide if you’re ready to create a life beyond what you’d ever imagined for yourself.

Wouldn’t life be a lot easier if you weren’t just living by default or stuck in damage limitation mode, whenever you were faced with the latest drama in your life?!

You see, damage limitation mode is where you stagnate.  You are so busy fire fighting, that you enter into survival mode.  You go on autopilot, and just exist, rather living and thriving.

Most people have had a point in their life where they feel defeated.

“What’s the point?”… “Nothing ever changes anyway!”… have you ever had these thoughts and feelings coming up for you?

You know, it’s that stage where you begin to TOLERATE things in your life.  Just for the sake of peace…just for the sake of some space or freedom.


What have you been tolerating in your life?

Often, when I work with clients, they aren’t even aware that there are things that they have started to just tolerate.  

When they realise just how much tolerating and existing they have been doing, they feel the energy in their body, they can feel how draining it is.

When you live like this, your energy is drained and the joy of life is totally sucked out for you.

And yet, when things are going well, do you ever consider how it can get even better?

Or do you get so wrapped up in your current success, that you overlook how you can build upon and ride the wave of that success?

Until the next adversity strikes, that is!

And then you have your wake up call to change something!


What would it be like for you to use the momentum from when things are actually going WELL for you?  


How much more ease would it bring you to ride the wave of your successes, when you’re feeling motivated, positive and already successful?

Would it be easier to continue creating more and more success, as you leapfrog and leverage your current successes?

Or is it easier for you to be motivated by failing, never getting what you really desire and from the place of lack?

In my own life, there have been plenty of times that I have chosen to create my desires out of NECESSITY.

It becomes this cycle of sink or swim. The proverbial feast or famine situation.

What I like to refer to as, the start-stop energy.

Have you ever experienced this in your own life?

Things are going well, you think you’ve finally cracked it and then BAM!

Some drama hits you like a tonne of bricks and knocks you sideways, sometimes even sends you 10 steps backwards!

And you’re left wondering what went wrong?  Those little voices in your head, the not very kind ones, that get louder and louder.


“Who are you to think that you could ever have/change this?”

“What is wrong with me?”

“Why can’t I catch a break?”

“Why can’t I ever get ahead in life?”


Or a version of any of those things!


Sound familiar?


So, what is required to change so that you can continue to expand upon your success without the need of some drama or adversity rearing its ugly head in your life?


Everything you’ve done up until this point in your life, to create all the success in everything that you desire, is the exact thing that holds you back from expanding your level of success and achieving your fullest potential.

In other words, what brought you here isn’t going to take you there!

Something different is required if you would like to create something different in your life.

Maybe it’s changing your mindset.

Maybe it’s taking different action towards your goals and desires.

Perhaps it’s changing your habits.

Or maybe the change is to receive some support and allow others to help you, so you no longer NEED to do it on your own?

And possibly, it’s a combination of all of these things, and probably even some more stuff!

The truth is, the change that is required is totally bespoke to YOU, YOUR desire, and what YOU would like to create in your life.


One of the things I see time and time again in the clients that I assist, and in my own life, is that only when you get super clear on exactly what you desire, can you really move forward and start to uncover the mindset, energy and actions that are going to support that change.

This is why I spend so much time with clients on getting CRYSTAL CLEAR, supporting them to dive deeper and get a level of clarity with their life, living and true desires, that they have never had a chance to access before.


Some fascinating things happen when you have that level of clarity:


  • Your confidence, self-belief and self-trust expands as you become unstoppable in knowing exactly what you desire from your life


  • You become more aware of the things and the people that distract you and derail you from your path of success with their negativity


  • You set a strong foundation to build upon, and the results become lasting and sustainable, so you get out of the stop-start energy and continue to create more joy, ease and success in your life, relationships, finances, health, career, and business!


  • You ditch the need to have the adversity and drama to motivate you, and shift to being motivated by what lights you up and brings you joy!  


  • That joy infiltrates EVERY aspect of your life and suddenly, all the drama that used to be a part of your life, just dissipates, as if by magic!


How does it get any better than that?


Are you ready to have this level of success, joy and happiness in your life?


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