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A lot of women out there struggle with balancing their work and career with their love life.

Work can consume a lot of your time and energy, especially if you are driven, passionate and love what you do.

Relationships can be a little more unpredictable, and the time spent on them very much depends on where you are at in the relationship at the time.

It is important to hit the right balance in both areas to bring more balance, love and harmony into your life and in your relationship.

Finding the right balance can be tricky, and most women find that if they are successful in one aspect, the other suffers.

Here are 7 practical ways to bring the balance between your relationships and career:

  1. Set boundaries

Setting clear boundaries for when you are working and when you are spending time together is really important.  Talk to each other about your expectations of one another and come up with times that are mutually acceptable.

  1. Be completely present

Whether you are at work, or spending time with your partner, you need to be completely present and focus on wherever you are.  Setting the boundaries will help you keep focused and be totally present in the task at hand.

  1. Time management

Leveraging your time so that you can free up sufficient time to spend both at work as well as having quality time with your partner is essential for a healthy work-life balance.

At work, use all the help and support and outsource any tasks that you can to free up more of your time to do the work that only you can do.  This will reduce the need to work overtime and eat into the time you should be spending together as a couple.

  1. Show unconditional love, support and respect to one another

Carve out time to demonstrate your interest and support in each other’s work endeavours.  This not only helps to boost each other’s productivity at work, it also consolidates the foundations of a strong, loving relationship.

  1. Take a break

It is OK to want to have some me-time, even if you are in a loving, committed relationship!  Whether that means spending time focusing on your work, as a break from the relationship, or doing something totally self-indulgent, do it!

Conversely, taking a break from work is more productive than throwing yourself in and suffering from burn out.  This will not only affect your work life, but it will have implications to your health and relationship.  So, taking a break, even if it is just 5 or 10 minutes to step out for some fresh air, is essential.

  1. Know when to let go

Recognising that something or someone is not for your highest and best and letting it go.  If it gets to the stage where work consumes all your time, is draining you, leaving you feeling unfulfilled and not allowing you to have the happy, healthy relationship that you so want, then it may be time to let that go.

Equally, if your partner is unsupportive and unhelpful in allowing you to achieve your work success, then it may be time to work on that relationship to bring it back to being a supportive one, or letting it go.

  1. Get professional help

Getting a coach, mentor, virtual assistant or more employees to help with your work, or even a relationship counsellor or coach to help you work out your relationship issues, can transform your life and help you create the right balance for you.

Sometimes, it takes someone on the outside, with the right tools, experience and expertise to help guide and advise you on how to do the right thing.

Investing in yourself to get the right help will guarantee a good return on your investment, as long as you remain committed to the end goal.

If you are struggling with keeping your loved one happy and maintain a successful career, contact me to see how I can help you redress the balance and create harmony in your life.

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