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It is very common for people to be sabotaging their own success.

It is not a deliberate thing, more of a side-effect of the way that your subconscious mind is wired.

One of the most common patterns of self-sabotage that I see in my sessions as a Soul Coach and Intuitive Relationship Healer, is refusing to invest the right time, energy and money in yourself.

It is not uncommon for people to happily invest in others, but when it comes to themselves, their inner self-saboteur appears.

So, why are people so much happier to invest in others and leave themselves behind?


Here are 5 reasons that may be sabotaging your own success by not investing in yourself:


 1) Needing Permission from Others

A lot of this stems from childhood days, where you needed your parents’ permission before you could do something.

Sometimes, this pattern is so engraved within us, that we subconsciously still hold onto this.

This makes any decision making difficult, because on a subconscious level, you are still waiting for your parents’ permission to make a decision.

In adulthood, this could translate to a partner’s permission.

It could also be giving YOURSELF the permission for your own growth and development.

This one is really an easy thing to change.  Usually, bringing it into your conscious awareness is enough to shift it.

So, give yourself the permission to invest the time, energy and money for your own personal growth and development!


2) Fear of Change

The fear of your how your life will change is a common factor that holds people back.

As a Soul Coach, I often find that my clients are subconsciously blocking their own manifestations due to this very fear.

Think about something you are trying to manifest in your life.  It may be your ideal soulmate relationship, it could be your dream home, it could be becoming famous…. whatever it is.

Now, think about how your life would change.  Would you have to change your ways, would you need to accommodate someone else in your life?  Are there aspects of your life that you quite like now that would need to change?

If you answer yes to any of these, then that could be what is holding you back.


3) Not Enough Time

If you invest a large sum of money, you want to get the value for it, right?  So, if there is a fear that you won’t have enough time for your investment, it stands to reason that you will hold yourself back.

But here’s the thing…life gets busy! We fill up our time, sometimes with useless busy-ness!  But we always make time for the things that we want to!  If it is important enough, you will make the time.

If you’re telling yourself you don’t have the time, then question how badly you really want what you’re dreaming of having.  It may not be as important to you as you think.

Think about the reason you want to have whatever you are trying to manifest in your life.  

If your WHY is not bug enough, you will not have the motivation and drive to take the action to making it happen.


4) Fear of Not Being Good Enough

This one is a big one and holds us back on SO many levels!

It is one of the top limiting beliefs that I tend to work on with my clients. This belief is often accompanied by fear that even after investing the time, effort, energy and money into your own growth and development, you will be unsuccessful.

Even if it it on a subconscious level, the belief that you are not good enough will ensure that you self-sabotage any form of success for yourself.  It will actually affect ALL areas of your life, and not just in the area that you are consciously trying to strive for success.

This fear could stem from past failures, being laughed at or ridiculed when you have tried and failed before.

Once this core fear is cleared, you can sail through at full speed ahead with creating your dream life!


5) Fear of Success/Failure

Both of these fears feature in holding you back and keeping your manifestations from coming into fruition.

However, the fear of success is actually a lot more common than the fear of failure!

Think about what your dream life or relationship would look like.  Now imagine you are living it…is there any sense of unease that comes up for you?

It could be a sense of guilt, especially if your loved ones are struggling.

How would your friends and family react?  Would they be happy, or would it cause family politics and incite jealousy?

These fears may not be what would actually happen, but they are the irrational fears that you may be harbouring that will prevent you from taking steps to living your dreams.


The Issue is Never The Issue


If there is one thing I have learnt from my practice as an award-winning Holistic Health Therapist, it is that the issue is rarely ever the issue.

If you are making excuses in investing in yourself, then there are deeper issues going on for you.

The self-sabotage will continue until these underlying issues are resolved.



How Can You Bust Your Blocks and Fears?


The good news is, it is super quick and easy to resolve! You can release yourself from these self-limiting patterns and live your dream life.


Imagine living your dream life…waking up every morning, filled with joy, and full of excitement about what new opportunities the day will bring.


How would it feel like knowing that you are in your perfect, loving, soulmate relationship with your dream partner, sharing life’s amazing experiences and building magical memories together?


As a ThetaHealer®, transformational soul coach and intuitive relationship healer, I have a wealth of knowledge and tools that I can use in supporting you to release your deepest-seated fears and empower you to create your dream life.


Are you ready to take the quantum leap, say yes to yourself and give yourself the permission to invest in your own growth and development, so you can live your dreams?


“Self-investment is the only form of investment that will guarantee you a return” – Ras Sagoo.


So, why not give yourself the permission to live your life to the fullest potential NOW?

Work exclusively with me and together, we will explore what is holding you back in your life and you will transform this to create a life of abundance, joy, happiness, good health and success!


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