Free Videos and Resources to Help You On Your Journey


Here are some free videos, explaining more about the services offered, as well as tips and advice shared by Raspreet to help you on your journey.

You will also get some of my most popular guided meditations and energy clearings.  If you would like to see more of these, then subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking the button below.

Soulmate Relationship Magnet Webinar

In this webinar, I talk to you about activating your inner soulmate relationship magnet.

In it, I discuss a unique tool that I have developed, through my own personal experiences, and through working with MANY clients on their love lives and relationship issues.

Through my professional and personal experiences, I have developed an extremely powerful and effective 5-Step programme that I use with HUGE success in my practice with my clients.

I also go through how your subconscious beliefs and fears may be preventing you from having your dream soulmate relationship, and how to overcome these limitations.

Guided Meditation to Magnetise More Love and Abundance

In this short but very powerful meditation, Raspreet guides you to connect you to Higher guidance to help you identify what is blocking you in receiving more love and abundance into your life and in your relationships.

Meditation to Release Stress, Worry and Anxiety

This meditation will help you to release any stress and worry in an easy way, leaving you feeling uplifted, comforted and relaxed.

You can do this meditation at night and fall gently into a lovely, peaceful sleep, or during the day as a quick pick-me-up to get you through your day.


Meditation to Clear and Protect Your Energy

This powerful meditation with the Angels will help clear you of any negativity or lower vibrational energies, freeing up more space to receive pure Source energy and unconditional love.


Meditation to Manifest Your Heart’s Desires

Here is a meditation using the TheaHealing® technique to take you into a deep theta brainwave and rapidly manifest your heart’s desires.

How To Meditate and The Benefits of Meditation

Here is some advice and guidance on best practices for meditation, and how meditation can help you in your daily life.


How to Overcome Self-Imposed Blocks in Manifesting Your Dream Life

In this video, I discuss how you can achieve anything you want by activating your inner receiving mode so you can get the right support and help.

We often block ourselves from receiving help and support and when we allow this into our life, you can accelerate your path to success, happiness, joy and love.


How to Muscle Test Using Your Body

In this video, I describe how you can use a method of applied kinesiology to test for subconscious beliefs.


How to Strengthen Your Powers of Manifestation

Here is a really cool exercise that is designed to help you to supercharge your power and confidence in manifesting what you really want.