Gained tremendous insight and clarity into my soul purpose and life path

During my one-on-one session with Ras, we dealt with some heavy ancestral “fun” stuff lol.

And for this one I am eternally grateful.

Without the weight of all my ancestors resting on my shoulders, I now finally feel like I am ready to go full force. 

From this session, I have generated the momentum I needed to create a life that I am passionate about and that brings me the most joy, without having to be limited by my acestral “stuff”, which used to pull me back down every time I made some progress.

I also gained tremendous insight and clarity into my soul purpose and life path from this situation which is truly just priceless.

This also gave me a sense of hope and even relief that I can stop being so hard on myself and rest assured that the future is bright once I follow my joy 🙂

– A.Ali, Trinidad

Mind-Blowing and Accurate Session

“Thank you, Ras, for the recent theta healing session, I really don’t know how to express how talented and gifted you are.

I’ve had readings and healing sessions before but NO-ONE has been so accurate like you, I felt like you really understood me and my life without even knowing me. I was blown away with the things you knew, things that I have never voiced!

And messages from my grandmother who recently passed away! It was such an amazing session and we covered so much in just one session. I can’t thank you enough! I’m just so grateful that I found you 🙂 looking forward to the next session xxx”.

– Somia, Essex

Pin-Point Accuracy

“Ras is a very insightful theta healer as she managed to get into the deeply seated beyond core belief structures of both my children and their fears around a situation involving my ex. The children responded immediately to all the downloads as did I.
We didn’t even have to meet Ras and it was simply done as a text but her accuracy at pin pointing the beliefs and downloads required was the exact ” you don’t know that you don’t know about yourself”.
I highly recommend her no nonsense approach and gentle nature to anyone wanting a theta session.
Thank you, Ras, for the confidence that you have instilled into my children.”

– NJS, London

Insightful Sessions with BIG Impacts, Including a New Job!

“I’ve had two healing sessions with Ras now and also a reading.

I find her to be so insightful, it’s like she is reading my mind half the time! How on earth does she know these things?

I have been working through a few different issues and was feeling like it was never going to happen when I initially starting working with Ras.

After clearing some blockages and taking on board what Ras advised and continuing to meditate, visualise and use my affirmations, I could really feel things shifting. So much so in fact that I got a new job!

Last year wasn’t my most favourite to be completely honest but I entered this year feeling so much more positive and knowing that everything I desire is coming to me. This has all been achieved with working with Ras. I can’t recommend her services enough!

Even the response I got when I messaged her to say I had a job was so super lovely. Not only is she an amazing healer, she’s a super lovely person and I know I will be working with her more in the future. In fact I can’t wait!

Thanks again Ras. xx”

-Amanda Shepherd, London.

Tough Situations Resolving Before My Eyes After a Session

“I have had a healing session with Ras and I can absolutely, hand on heart, say that it has transformed my life.

I feel more positive, love myself more, appreciate the support that is around me and feel protected.

She has also sent me unconditional love on many occasions when I have been going through tough times, and before my eyes, tough situations have calmed down. I highly recommend Ras.”

– SKB, London

Powerful Session with Huge Realisations and Understanding

“For those of you who are undecided as to whether to venture into something spiritual, or maybe just looking for a release of some kind… I hope my words will have some bearing in your next step.

I have never met or conversed with anyone in the same field as Raspreet, however I consider myself very open minded.

From the very first moment of being welcomed, I was made to feel at ease. Throughout our session, I have to say, I have never experienced such a powerful connection with something that I myself cannot see, hear or touch.

Raspreet has truly helped me find reasoning behind some of my issues which have been with me for many many years and a real burden at that.

Without directly knowing how, I feel like some of the obstacles which have been hindering me in the progression within my life, are now being ‘redirected’ so I can channel those emotions into virtues which will help my situation.

I’m sure with time we will continue to work through my own negativity and flip them into positives with the guidance of these ‘higher being’ sessions.

It has been a unique and wonderful empiricism, definitely one I would recommend to experience with Raspreet as your mentor!

Good luck and enjoy!”

– Penny Price, Essex

Deeply Relaxing and Uplifting Emotional Release Session That Leaves You TOTALLY at Peace!

I recently had an Emotional Release Therapy Session with Ras.  I hadn’t heard much about it before speaking to her, but had had a few excellent ThetaHealing sessions with her.

Through my ThetaHealing sessions with Ras, I built a relationship with her and fully trusted her reccommendation of this ERT treatment for me.

During the session, I was extremely relaxed and the essential oils used smelt really nice.

As I was repeating the releasing statements, I could feel my speech slurring, that’s how relaxed I was!

Following the session, I felt a warm, fuzzy feeling, deep within my body.  I felt totally at peace.

I would highly recommend an ERT session with Ras if you don’t like talking about your past but want a more optimistic future.

– SB, London