Abundance Mindset Programme (In-Person/Skype)


What Is Your Mindset Around Abundance?



Your mindset is key in determining how much or little abundance you acquire in life.

The story you tell yourself around abundance and finances will dictate the reality you create for yourself.

“I never seem to be able to afford the things I want”, “I’m not lucky with money”, or “Money is the root of all evil”, “you have to work hard for money” are just some of the most commonly used expressions people use around money.  

Do you ever catch yourself thinking any of these?

Do you find that no matter how much work you do with visualisation, the law of attraction, vision boards and affirmations, you are still struggling financially, and your heart’s desires never seem to materialise?

If you would like to change this and allow abundance in all its forms into your life, this is the programme for you.

Abundance doesn’t just mean money and finances.

When abundance is allowed into your life, it enables better experiences.  

This includes better health, more opportunities, more happiness, joy and laughter, just to name a few things.

This programme is designed shifting the limiting subconscious beliefs that you hold.  

These negative beliefs stop you from creating the abundance that is your birth right!

As these limiting beliefs are lifted and re-framed, you will be amazed at how quickly you start to notice the change in your life and mindset.


What Will You Get From This Programme?

This programme will raise your vibration and enable you to:

– Attract better opportunities, experiences, lifestyle and health into your life

Up-level your wealth consciousness and open you up to being more receptive to the abundance that is already available to you

– Empower you to manage your finances more effectively and efficiently

– Allow money to work for you, rather than you having to work for money

– Teach you how to raise and maintain a high vibration through gratitude.

During the programme, worksheets, exercises and practical tips and advice are supplied to take away and implement.  

As these are implemented, a more abundant life can be created.

This programme will also allow email access to me during the course of the 5 weeks to ask any questions that come up during this time.


It also includes the option of crystal healing layout* work (worth £222).


What You Get

– 4 x 60-minute Abundance Mindset sessions, which include exercises, practical tips, advice, visualisation, clearing statements, meditations and guidance

– option of Crystal Layout Session* (worth £222) to support Abundance Mindset and bring in the energy of abundance, success and prosperity into the here and now

* – please note that the crystal layout would have to be done in person, and there is an option to replace this with a 60-minute ThetaHealing® session instead.


If you’re ready to bust through your abundance blocks and start a life in which you can magnetise the abundance to you easily, have money, allow it to grow and have it readily available when you want it, then hit the link below to start creating abundance in your life NOW!


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