Found Love in a Soulmate Relationship & Got Married

“After years of being single, lonely and depressed, Raspreet gave me the confidence boost and focus I needed to help me attract my true soulmate. During one of our sessions, she told me that she felt when I met the one, everything would happen so fast…she was spot on!

I met my soulmate only a few days after this conversation (and am now happily married!).

I was skeptical at first and did question in my mind if this works or if I am wasting my time and money, but the changes in 48 hours are amazing.

I had been struggling a fight for life and was hit with many barriers and boundaries that I had to let go of.  

I met Ras and I felt she may have the answers that I couldn’t find.  Not having love in my life was driving me insane.

Age was ticking away and I was stuck in the regrets and pains of my past, living life in my subconscious mind.  

I had to let go and forgive the past to embrace my future, so decided to have theta healing sessions with Raspreet.  Within in the 4th session over the phone, I had a huge shift and massive boost in confidence and the understanding that I can also get to love if I project love.

Ras taught me to open up and not bury my pains and sorrows and how to prioritise and put myself forward.  Others just question why, why, why but Ras listens and fires one question after another, and from that, I somehow get my own answers.

She gently guides you and gives you a push in the right direction.

I highly recommended sessions with her if you are looking for love! Divine Sacred Soul is the name you’re looking for.  

Book an appointment and never be disappointed. It’s all in the mind!”

– SSJ, London

Working on Money Stuff Actually Helped Me Improve My Relationship!

I actually went to Ras for a session about my money blocks, but the stuff at the root of it turned out to be about love!

I was NOT expecting that at all, as I thought I was in a pretty good relationship and that was one area I didn’t think I had any major issues.

During the session, Ras gently guided and explained the link between my money blocks and my issues around allowing myself to receive love and support.

As she expertly connected the dots for me, all of it made so much sense!

I am happy to report, right after our session, I got some new clients and since our session together, I have noticed how my relationship with my husband has greatly improved, and we are in a much happier place than ever before!

Ras always says, “the issue is never the issue” and in my case, it certainly wasn’t!

I am so grateful to Ras for her accurate insights, that have literally transformed the way that I am in my relationhip with my husband, but has also improved my relationship with money!


– DSS, London

Attracting Potential Ideal Partners After Working With Ras!

I went to see Raspreet for the blocks I was having in attracting my Soulmate.

As we worked on stuff over a few sessions, I felt my self-confidence, self-esteem and self-value soar.

After a few weeks of working with her, I started noticing that I was attracting a lot more guys, and I was being asked out on dates regularly!

Now the only issue that I have is having to choose from so many lovely options and making sure I make the right choice!

Thank you for all your help and guidance, Raspreet!

– E.Kajace, Greece

Hope After a Traumatic Past Relationship

I sought Ras’s help after I watched one of her webinars and resonated with her own story.

I decided to try out a ThetaHealing session to see if that might help me.

Without sharing too much of my story, as it’s personal, I have trust issues when it comes to relationships.

After working with Ras, I feel like I understand where those issues have stemmed from, and I feel a lot better about trusting someone and allowing someone into my life.

I know I still have a few more things to work on, but in just one session, I already feel so much lighter, unburdened and now ready to move forward, whereas before, I was finding it difficult to move past one particular relationship in which I had been hurt,

I feel so much more positive and optimistic, and Ras has really made me think about what I ACTUALLY want to manifest in my ideal relationship.

Thank you for all your help, guidance and support.


– L.Bright, England

More empowered and able to have a  more balanced and harmonious relationship with myself and my partner


I have had a few healing sessions with Ras and I really loved it.

Being a ThetaHealing® Practitioner myself, Ras doesn’t hold any judgement during the session, she holds you in a very loving and compassionate way and gets very quickly to the bottom of the issue/block which is preventing you to move forward.

She is extremely intuitive and able to identify any blocks quickly.

Having worked with Ras, I know can count on her emotional and mental support if needed, it happened during the course and also in the past where I wasn’t sure about something and I got in touch with her and she was always available to help where she could.

After working and learning with Ras, I feel more empowered and I know how to have a more balanced and harmonious relationship with myself and my partner.

– G.Tramonti, London

Shifted my awareness, connected more to myself and able to receive love and maintain relationships now


Ras is an amazing teacher/healer.

She has such profound knowledge and wisdom and which she happily shares.

She is warm, loving and very caring. 

Since working with Ras, I actually have started to love and appreciate and honour myself more.

I feel more connected to myself, as for many years I have always felt disconnected and didn’t even know why.

My deep beliefs were cleared and like magic I feel so much love all around me.

You can always count on Ras she is so kind, loving and compassionate where you feel you can tell her anything and you won’t be judged by it.

Ras healings are so deep she actually clears them so smoothly and effortlessly.

My nickname for Ras is the “ancient goddess of wisdom”.

I can now move forward in my life more confidently and with grace and with the teachings of Ras how to keep and maintain any relationships in my life and how to look at the bigger picture without placing my own judgments.

Thank you, Ras, for being you and for shifting my awareness even higher and for bringing me closer to myself.

– A. Chahal, London