Awaken The Power Within

Heal Your Past and Step Fully Into a Life of More Love, Joy, Abundance, Health and Success!


Do you notice there are certain areas in your life that you would love to change and improve?


What if it was possible for you to feel safe in creating RAPID changes in ANY aspect of your life? 


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ThetaHealing® Seminars


Would you like learn how to re-train your brain and transform your mindset and energy to support you in allowing more joy, love, wellness, prosperity, success and abundance in your life?


Thousands of people worldwide have created the life they desire by using the simple tools and techniques of ThetaHealing® that you will be taught in the ThetaHealing® classes.

ThetaHealing® Courses are for anyone who would like to grow personally, professionally and spiritually.

Each course designed to build upon and further increase your skills, giving you new tools and techniques for yourself and/or in your work with others.

ThetaHealing® enables you to release the blocks that are preventing you from living life to your full potential and can help with a vast range of things in your life:

– Relationships

– Self-love

– Self-Confidence and self-belief

– Awakening your intuition

– Opening up your psychic gifts and abilities

– Increasing your ability to manifest

– Improving your health

– Increasing your chances of success

– Enhancing your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being

– Discovering your life purpose and how to fulfil it

Upcoming Events & Courses


What Others Are Saying About Courses and Events With Raspreet

“Ras is really calm, extremely intuitive and an amazing teacher” – Tara Benson

“My confidence grew…Ras is an amazing teacher…she empowers you, is very thorough and supportive…I highly recommend you take a class with Ras” – Sharandeep Bhogal

Upcoming Events and Classes

“I can access the highest truth and answer so much more easily…Ras is an incredible teacher and delivers the material so well and so elegantly…you just understand it all without having to try” – Sarah Morris

“WOW is what I have to say!  It’s changed my life…I love Ras, she is an amazing teacher, she’s beautiful and so kind and brings a lovely energy to her classes…she is incredibly intuitive…she holds a lovely space for the classes and for you…I totally recommend you do the classes with Ras!” – Tara Benson

Upcoming Events and Classes

“Ras is an amazing, incredible teacher…she’s highly intuitive, understands and gets what you need and brings beauty and peace with her teaching…”

Are you ready for your own in Personal and Self-Development, Growth & Transformation?


Embark on Your Journey To Awaken Your Divinity Within 


Raspreet Sagoo is a well-sought, multi-award-winning Holistic Health Therapist, Transformational Soul Coach and Intuitive Relationship Healer.

On a spiritual path since childhood, Raspreet has chosen to use her unique spiritual gifts to live her Soul’s purpose and passion, as a Medical IntuitiveTheta Healing® PractitionerChannel, Medium and Motivational Speaker.

Having trained as a Pharmacist, with many years’ experience in the medical field, Raspreet couples her knowledge and background in modern medicine with energy healing, to form a very unique therapy.

Her life’s journey has been wonderful and inspiring, bringing her many people from all over the world.  She has been blessed to have worked with people from all walks of life.

From business and healthcare professionals, to patients suffering from long-term illnesses and those unhappy in their life and relationships.

Raspreet has inspired them to connect with their own innate divinityunlock their true potentialtransform their life and relationships, and live their dreams.

She offers a wealth of insight and experience to both clients and students alike.

The seminars, events and workshops that Raspreet delivers are open to everyone, whether you are learning for your own personal interest and self-development, would like to become a Practitioner, or would like to add extra tools and techniques to grow and strengthen your existing practice.