Attracting Money and Clearing Debt!

“Good morning, after our session this week…really weird thing…had money in my bank account which I don’t usually have at this time of month…had to restrain myself from going out and spending it.  Lol…

Then someone paid £100 into my account which I wasn’t expecting.

Then I won £2.50 on the lottery.  I then found £1.05 on the street AND finally cleared a debt from 4 years ago!

Like WOW!!!”

– P. Brown, London.

Securing High End Clients for Business and Recovering the Costs of the Sessions within just a few weeks!

I went to Raspreet to work on my blocks around attracting more clients and making a profit in my business.

We worked together over a few sessions, and Ras intuitively picked up issues from way back in the past, which I had forgotten about and never really thought about.

As Ras explained how these had caused a pattern of over-giving, lack of confidence and self-worth, I started to see how so much of this issue had been showing up in all areas of my life and not even realised it!

Each session went deeper and deeper, and after a few weeks of completing my sessions with Ras, I sold a high value package to a client, for the first time, securing the funds upfront and in full!

I am so pleased.

My confidence has rocketed and am now finding it so much easier to be more visible to the right people, and put myself out there!

Incredible shifts in a very short space of time and it’s been the BEST investment I have made so far.

I have more than recovered the cost of the sessions in just a few weeks after working with Ras!


– RKP, London

Got a sale for the full price I was asking, easily and effortlessly, in CASH!


“Well my first experience in seeing shifts from working with Ras was from the Mindset Mastery and Magnetic Marketing Event.

I had a few of the limiting beliefs but the two that
stuck out to me the most and I think made the greatest shifts were “I hate selling” and “I resent sales people”….and here’s the interesting part.

I had some used camera equipment that I had
been trying to get sold for months with no success.

People would message me about it but they never bought it. Literally two days after these beliefs shifted I got a sale for it and sold it
for the full price I was asking! Easily and effortlessly, in CASH!

The truth is, Ras helped me shift in several ways long before I even worked with her.

Just from watching her live videos etc I learned so much about myself and my blocks that I was able to heal thanks to her guidance!

– A. Ali, Trinidad